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Fixed IP SIM Card

The 3G Router Store has announced that it will shortly be launching a new range of Fixed IP SIM Cards using the Vodafone network that are ideal for use with their range of 3G Routers  A Fixed IP address on a mobile broadband service provides a quick, easy and reliable way to communicate with remote sites for monitoring eg. IP CCTV Cameras or for creating secure and reliable VPN’s for mobile or temporary offices.

The new range  SIM Cards with a static IP will provide a range of inclusive data packages catering for a wide variety of applications including broadband back-up, low level M2M Connectivity or higher data requirements such as CCTV.

BT Wholesale launch IP Voice Services

BT Wholesale have announced the launch of IP Voice services including SIP Trunks and Hosted Telephony solutions. 

It is estimated that there are currently 100,000 SIP trunks and 500,000 Hosted Telphony seats currenly in use in the UK, with analysts predicting a rise over the next five years to over 500,000 SIP Trunks and an estimated 2,000,000 Hosted PBX extensions due to the increasing availability of fast and reliable broadband services. 

Many business users are exploring the use of SIP Trunks as a replacement to ISDN Services to help drive down the cost of annual rentals.  This choice is made easier when installing a new telephone system becuase most phone systems either have built in VoIP Telephone Line capability or have a very low cost to implement a VoIP solution.

Teltonika RUT-105 HSUPA 3G Router replaces RUT-104

Teltonika have announced that the teltonika RUT-105 3G Router replaces the popular RUT-104 3G Router.  The new Teltonika RUT105 features a new 3G Module giving increased performance, whilst retaining all the features and simple operating interface of the RUT104.

Epygi Technologies Announces Their New iPhone Application, iQall


iQall iPhone Application for Mobile Extension from EpygiUse iQall to reduce the cost of calls and increase productivity


Epygi Technologies, Ltd., a worldwide provider of IP PBXs, gateways and conference servers supporting small businesses to enterprise’s telephony needs, unveiled iQall, which allows any user of a Quadro IP PBX to establish calls between their iPhone and any other number anywhere in the world. If the iPhone user has a GSM plan with free incoming calls, the user will not pay any charges on the plan for outgoing calls, which greatly decreases the company’s overhead expenses especially on international calls.

iQall communicates with Quadro which then initiates a call to your iPhone and your destination number, connecting both together. Also, users can call using their iPhone with this application to their co-workers in the office or customers just by dialing the extension number – the same as if they were in the office and calling from their desk phone. You can use your iPhone contacts to make speed dial calls thru your Quadro.

“The capabilities of this application will make small and medium-sized businesses and their employees more productive and available, while helping to decrease overwhelming overhead costs for these companies,” said Mario Cuello, CEO of Epygi. “This application shows our commitment to our customers to continue to create products that are functional, feature-rich and affordable.”

Download the iQall application today from the Apple store for only $5.99.

For more information, please visit Epygi’s iQall website.

Surge in popularity of GSM Gateways for small business users

GSM Gateways have seen a surge of popularity due to the increase of Mobile Extension.  Many new phone systems include Mobile Extension capability that enable inbound calls to the PBX to be routed out on another line to a mobile phone and enable the remote user to answer the call as well as provide the capability of transferring that call back to other PBX extensions. 

Normally this process would use a second ISDN line to call the mobile phone, which would mean high call charges to use the Mobile Extension Facility.  By using a suitable ISDN or VoIP GSM Gateway and a mobile Phone Plan that provides free calls between users on the same plan, these Mobile Extension Calls can be made free of charge.

For telephone systems that do not have Mobile Extension functionality built-in there are GSM Gateways available that can connect between the telephone system and the telephone lines and provide mobile extension functionality, wihout the expense of upgrading the whole telephone system. 

The Telecom FM Onestream is a great example of  a GSM Mobile Extension Gateway providing mobile extension functionality for analogue and ISDN2 phone systems as well as providing the additional benefit of having a built in VoIP Gateway to enable the same Analogue or ISDN2 telephone system to make calls using a VoIP Telephone provider (SIP Trunk).

Panasonic KX-TDA Phone System Update – End Of Life Announcement

KX-TDA Phone System Update

Panasonic has announced that the KX-TDA100, KX-TDA200 and KX-TDA600 will become end of life during May/June 2010. The KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 will remain available for the time being. The KXTDA100, KXDA200 and KXTDA600 are repleced by the existing Panasonic KX-TDE Phone System Range comprising KX-TDE100, KX-TDE200 and KX-TDE600. The KXTDE Phone System range incorporates the latest VoIP (Voice Over IP) services to provide SIP Trunk capabilities and also the provision for IP Phones including the Panasonic KX-NT300 prorietary IP Phone range and also te use of standard SIP Phones.

KX-TDA Phone System to be replaced by KX-TDE Versions

The KX-NT300 range of IP phones including the KX-NT321, KX-NT343, KX-NT346 and KX-NT366 will work with the Panasonic KX-TDE phone systems.

HTC HD Mini Launched


The HTC HD mini is the impressive experience of the HTC HD2 in a compact package. Crisp display and refined construction fuse with an intuitive HTC Sense™ interface that will empower your customers to use the rich phone features from their very first moments with the HTC HD mini.

Key benefits:

  • Super fast 3.5G connection speed
  • Simply create a personal wireless access point for multiple users to share
  • HTC Sense™ – simplifies and enhances the Windows Phone experience
  • Free device backup facility via Microsoft My Phone


  • Windows Mobile® 6.5 Professional with HTC Sense™
  • Qualcomm 600MHz processor
  • 3.2” HVGA capacitive touch screen
  • 5 megapixel auto focus camera
  • Bluetooth® 2.1/Wi-Fi®/HSPA/WCDMA

Clarity 4020 – NEW Small Business Phone System

The Clarity 4020 Mini VoIP PBX launches in the UK today and marks a new era for converged PBX solutions.

The Clarity PBX is an out of the box solution, with the main phone system unit supplied in the guise of the Clarity 4020 GSB Desk Phone.  This telephone connects to a standard analogue telephone line and the user can also insert a mobile phone SIM card (O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone ir Orange) and then choose to make calls via the PSTN Telephone Line or take advantage of low cost call plans over the mobile phone network.

The main system phone then connects to the LAN (Local Area Network), which for most users will be the office broadband router / switch and the user can then configure the PBX side of things by logging into the admin interface with a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc).  The Clarity 4020 PBX Phone can connect to 7 SIP Trunks (VoIP Telephone Lines) providing extra call capacity, or can be used in conjunction with a Hosted Telephony service to provide extra wide area functionality.

Additional extensions can be connected to the LAN (Up to 15 extensions) by using the Clarity 3020 IP Phones which feature HD Voice to ensure high quality calls.  Once extra extensions have been connected calls can be made or answered from any of the telephone line selections (Analogue, GSM or SIP Trunk) and calls can be transferred to the other extensions.

At under £400.00+VAT, the Clarity mini IP PBX is sure to be a winner amongst the growing numbers of small business users who want to take control of their business communications and save money by making calls over GSM and VoIP.

Clarity 4020 small business phone system

With the combination of GSM Desk Phone and VoIP Phone System with SIP Trunk and IP Telephone extensions, the Clarity 4020 Phone System should prove to be a popular choice with small businesses.

Panasonic DECT Product replacement

Panasonic are soon to replace the 2ch (KX-TDA0141) & 4ch (KX-TDA0142) DECT cell stations.

The 2ch cell station will be replaced by the KX-TDA0155 and the 4ch cell station will be replaced by the KX-TDA0156.

KX-TDA0155 DECT Base Station for use with Panasonic Phone Systems