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2N Netstar GSM PBX Phone System with call recording

2N announce the launch of their new 2N Netstar Business Telephone System with built in GSM connectivity and call recording.

2N Netstar GSM PBX Phone System with built in call recording

The only device on the market that contains a GSM/UMTS gateway, PBX functionality (more than 60 services) and call recording features – all in ONE BOX!

2N Netstar

Introducing the 2N NetStar with key features that include:

MOBILE PBX – No desktop handsets needed
In skin Disaster Recovery solution
PBX booster – enhance any legacy PBX
Offer flexible routing options
Real alternative to Mitel, Avaya, Cisco, etc.
PBX with FCT/Mobility extension in skin, enabling cost saving of up to 70%
Powerful LCR chooses cheapest route using fixed or GSM channels
Minute management – Free minutes can be assigned to any interface/SIM
Callback service
Alternative to DECT systems

The 2N Netstar is now available.

VoIP Store Launches Panasonic KX-NCP Options IP Phone System

VoIP Store have announced the launch of their Panasonic KX-NCP Options the easy way to buy a Panasonic IP Phone System for small businesses.  Simply select what type of telephone lines you would like to connect to the system and then choose your handsets.  The system can then be delivered for a quick and easy installation by the end user or for a small installation charge a qualified engineer can install the system and provide user training.

Panasonic KX-NCP Options IP Phone System

Initially there are two basic configurations:-

KX-NCP Option One – Analogue Lines

  • 4 x Analogue Telephone Lines
  • 4 x SIP Trunks (VoIP Telephone Lines)
  • 8 x Analogue Extensions (for normal analogue phones, fax machines, modems, conference phones and PDQ machines)
  • 8 x IP Extensions (using the KX-NT300 and KX-NT400 IP Phones for easy deployment on the LAN)
  • Built in voicemail for each user
  • Auto Attendat (Press 1 for sales etc)

KX-NCP Option Two – ISDN2 Lines

  • 2 x ISDN2 Telephone Lines (4 channels)
  • 4 x SIP Trunks (VoIP Telephone Lines)
  • 8 x Analogue Extensions (for normal analogue phones, fax machines, modems, conference phones and PDQ machines)
  • 8 x IP Extensions (using the KX-NT300 and KX-NT400 IP Phones for easy deployment on the LAN)
  • Built in voicemail for each user
  • Auto Attendat (Press 1 for sales etc)

Additional telephone line expansion cards are available to increase the systems to 8 lines, with the option to either have all analogue or isd2 lines, or to have 4 x analaogue lines and 4 channels of ISDN.  The SIP Trunk capacity can also be extended to 8 x SIP Trunks with an optional license key making the Panasonic KX-NCP a great starter phone system that can grow with your business.

Additional IP Phones can be added with a simple activation key to provide a maximum of 16 x IP Extensions and if required the system can also work with standard SIP Phones and Devices, again juswith an additional SIP Extension Activation Key.

An Integrated IP DECT base station is also available enabling the use of integrated system DECT cordless phones.

The range of system IP phones that work with the KX-NCP VoIP Telephone System provide a good choice from the entry level KX-NT321 right through to the KX-NT400 Executive IP Phone with Touch Screen Display.


KX-NT321 IP Phones

The KX-NT321 is an entry level IP phone with a single line LCD display and 8 x programmable feature / line keys.


KX-NT343 IP Phones

The KX-NT343 IP phone has a 3 line LCD display and 24 x programmable feature / line keys.


KX-NT346 IP Phone

The KX-NT346 IP Phone has a large 6 line LCD display and 24 programmable feature / line keys.


KX-NT366 IP Phone

The KX-NT366 IP Phone has a large 6 line LCD display and 12 x programmable Feature / Line keys with an self labelling keys and a next page button enabling up to 48 programmable feature / line keys.


KX-NT400 IP Phone

The KX-NT400 IP Phone features a multi-function touch screen display that can also be used to view a live video feed from a compatible Panasonic IP Camera.

New Yealink IP Phone Products

Yealink have added two new products to enhance their IP Phone range.

Yealink EHS36 – Wireless Headset Controller (EHS = Electronic Hook Switch) – works with the Yealink T26 and Yealink T28 IP Phones in conjunction with a comatible Cordless Headset eg. Plantronics CS60.

Yealink EHS36 Electronic Hook Switch for use with cordless headset

Yealink EXP39 – New Phone Expansion Module – Extend the capabilities of the Yealink T26P and Yealink T28P IP Phones

Yealink EXP39 Expansion Module for T26 and T28 IP Phones

Yealink have also announced the release of firmware V50 for it’s SIP-T2x series IP Phone

GDK Phone System Manual

The LG GDK Phone system range comprised the GDK16, GDK34i, GDK100 and GDK186.  LG stopped manufacturing these systems in 2004.  The phone system could use analogue, ISDN2 or ISDN30 telephone lines and provide digital or analogue extensions, with the connectivity and extension types dictated by system CCU choice and inserted cards.

The digital extension phones comprised of three main types, LKD2DS, LKS8DS and LKD30DS also known as LKD02, LKD08 and LKD30. 

Replacement parts and system telephones are available for the GDK Phone System range, however these are only available as refurbished units and are ideal for companies that want to continue using their legacy system.

Sadly there is a lack of product information about maintaining or progarmming the GDK telephone systems and the closest we could find online was the New Zealand Version of the GDK system called the LG Aria.  We have made available this programming and installation manual whih is similar to the UK version.  This information is for reference only.

LG Aria Manual

Additional searches on google may provide additional details when searcing for phone system manuals, but try searching for the LG Aria system as well as the UK LG GDK Phone System versions.

Hope this helps


Fax over GSM is not a new concept, with the service being available in the UK since 1994.  The GSM Fax service really took off in the UK in 1996 when Nokia launched the Nokia 9000 Communicator, which enabled the user of this early smartphone to receive and view faxes on it’s LCD display.  The Nokia 9000 could also enable the user to type a fax and send it to a normal fax machine.

Since then the GSM Fax service offered by the mobile phone networks has not changed a great deal becuase it is such a bsic service offering – the only slight improvement has been the availability of GSM Fax Terminals such as the telecom FM Cellfax Plus.  A SIM Card is inserted into the Cellfax unit which then provides a connection to enable a standard analogue fax machine to be conected to enable faxes to be sent and received just like using a standard PSTN analogue telephone line.

This means tht temporary or mobile offices can still take advantage of the GSM Fax service offered by the mobile phone networks, providing convenience for when you really do need to send or receive a fax in this age of e-mail.  GSM Fax terminals are widely used by construction companies and are finding an increased use aboard ships and other marine work and pleasure craft.


How does a SIP Trunk service really compare to ISDN in terms of cost, quality and reliability?

Below are two comparisons between SIP Trunks and ISDN Telephone Lines, showing both installation and ongoing rental charges.  The first comparison is an example using 4 channels of ISDN2e with 20 DDI Numbers, typical of a small business user in the 4-12 extension marketplace.  The second comparison uses the example of a larger business using 30 channels of ISDN30e with 200 DDI Numbers.

In our experience, call charges between SIP Trunks and ISDN lines are very similar, after all the calls are being carried by the same tier one carriers so will all be subject to the same core costs so for the purposes of our comparison we are only showing the costs of installation and rental.  Our comparison is based upon using a business grade SIP Trunk service provider with high quality broadband services to provide near ISDN call quality and reliability, against ISDN lines provided by a competitive service provider ie. not BT.

Mobile Extension – O2 opens up new markets

With the introduction of the O2 Explicit Call Transfer service , a new market has opened up in the UK for the deployment of Mobile Extensions and Mobile PBX Phone System Solutions. 

If you’re a Mobex, Groupworker, Groupworker Plus or Best For Business customer, you can transfer calls from your mobile just as you would from your office landline.Here is the link to the O2 website that details how you can transfer calls from your O2 Mobile phone to another O2 mobile phone or landline service.

This is not a new service and many mobile phones have the ability to use the call transfer service and this service has been available in other countries for some time.  In fact many companies use this feature in conjunction with a GSM Desk Phone to provide a simple phone system solution for temporary or remote offices such as construction sites.

Snom M9 VoIP DECT Phone Launched

The Snom M9 VoIP DECT Phone is now available in the UK from many leading VoIP Phone providers.

The snom m9 is the next generation DECT handheld that empowers users with the convenience of wireless communication along with the widely accepted benefits and feature richness of Voice-over-IP telephony. The snom m9 promises to deliver excellent speech quality.

Snom M9

The snom m9 naturally can be integrated into several SIP based IPPBXs. Supporting 4 concurrent calls and the ability to connect up to 9 handsets, the snom m9 provides excellent value for money and is ideally suited for business and private usage.

By combining professional functions of versatile business communication with the intuitive features of the mobile-carrier world, the snom m9 is ideally suited for professional and private use alike.

With features such as hands free mode, calling line identification (CLI) by displaying name, number and image of the caller as well as typical mobile-phone features such as Address Book, Calendar, Calculator and Alarm function, the snom m9 provides the perfect blend of mobility and accessibility.

The DECT based snom m9 provides interference free communication by making use of the dedicated DECT frequency band.
In addition, the snom m9 delivers the typical benefits of the DECT world such as high standby time and superior speech quality in addition to internet application integration, thus providing a decisive edge over WLAN handhelds. The working range of the snom m9 Access Point is roughly 50m indoors and approx. 300m outdoors (depending on the actual topology of a building and/or outdoor premise).

The intuitive design of the snom m9 makes it a highly consumer friendly and convenient handheld device. With its illuminated keypad and TFT color display, the cordless phone is ideally suited for Enterprise and SoHo environments alike. The menu driven graphical user interface allows intuitive usage and five navigation keys provide easy access to most of the phone functions saving users from the hassle of searching through complicated menus. Furthermore, the USB interface and the large flash-memory provide an excellent potential for future enhancements.
The attractive design underlined by its modern look is what defines this state of- the-art VoIP wireless telephone.

In addition, the snom m9, boasts integration possibility with Microsoft™ Office Communications Server 2007 R2, making it the only digital cordless phone in the market to offer this benefit. A further advantage of snom m9 – the terminal already supports the latest IPv6-standard. Such features combined with automatic configuration download make the snom m9 a truly unique cordless device.

Last but not least, the snom m9 incorporates the renowned SIP stack from snom with its decade long proven interoperability and technology leadership.

Flat Panel Antenna

Westlake Communications Ltd have announced the launch of their new Flat Panel Antenna.

Flat Panel Antenna

The GXD1201 Flat Panel Antenna is a 3G Antenna as well as a standard GSM Antenna.  This means that the GXD1201 Fat Panel Antenna can be used with 3G Routers as well as GSM Gateway and Fixed Cellular Terminal (premicell) type products. 

This High Gain Antenna is similar to the Sirio SMP-918-9 Antenna and provides 10dBi gain and is supplied with 5m of cable with an SMA connection suitable for use with most 3G Routers and GSm gateways.

The GXD1201 Flat Panel GSM Antenna is priced competitively at just £60.00 and is sure to e popular with many GSM Gateway, Fixed Cellular Terminal and 3G Router users and resellers.