GDK Phone System Manual

The LG GDK Phone system range comprised the GDK16, GDK34i, GDK100 and GDK186.  LG stopped manufacturing these systems in 2004.  The phone system could use analogue, ISDN2 or ISDN30 telephone lines and provide digital or analogue extensions, with the connectivity and extension types dictated by system CCU choice and inserted cards.

The digital extension phones comprised of three main types, LKD2DS, LKS8DS and LKD30DS also known as LKD02, LKD08 and LKD30. 

Replacement parts and system telephones are available for the GDK Phone System range, however these are only available as refurbished units and are ideal for companies that want to continue using their legacy system.

Sadly there is a lack of product information about maintaining or progarmming the GDK telephone systems and the closest we could find online was the New Zealand Version of the GDK system called the LG Aria.  We have made available this programming and installation manual whih is similar to the UK version.  This information is for reference only.

LG Aria Manual

Additional searches on google may provide additional details when searcing for phone system manuals, but try searching for the LG Aria system as well as the UK LG GDK Phone System versions.

Hope this helps