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Cloud Net adds unlimited calls package to its hosted PBX business phone service

27 October 2010 – Business phone systems company Cloud Net, today launched a new unlimited UK calls bundle that will help business owners keep their telephony costs low and predictable.

For £22 per month, Cloud Net’s Unlimited Calls bundle gives customers 5,000 UK landline minutes (01, 02, 03, 0845 and 0870 numbers) plus 300 minutes of calls to UK mobiles. Calls made outside the bundle are charged at Cloud Net’s standard low rates[i].

Cloud Net’s offer beats BT’s ‘unlimited’ business package[ii] for calls in the UK; not only is the bundle cheaper than BT’s offering, the cost of line rental and additional features is lower with Cloud Net. In addition, Cloud Net is competitively priced in comparison with Vodafone One Net Express, which charges £55 for unlimited call bundles.

  BT Cloud Net
Line rental per month £14.45 £8.50
Bundle price £22.50 £22.00
Handset Extra Included in line rental
UK Landlines 5,000[iii] minutes 5,000 minutes
UK Mobiles 300 minutes 300 minutes
Additional features:
(e.g. Caller display, Call waiting, Call divert)
  • 1 Feature £2.34 per month
  • 2 – 4 Feature £4.67 per month
  • 5 – 8 Features £6.58 per month
Included in line rental
Contract 24 months 18 months


David Hill, Chairman of Cloud Net said, “Some of our customers just want a solid, value for money phone service for their business while others are looking for advanced hosted PBX features, with our unlimited calls bundle they can have both. We offer some of the best business phone deals on the market and this new bundle gives customers a reliable service at a reliable price.

Indeed, for a typical business that makes most of its calls within the UK, our unlimited calls bundle beats BT’s offer hands down.”

The UK Unlimited Calls bundle is the latest in a series of new business phone offerings: Cloud Net recently launched CLASS Live Answering service and the Virtual Number service.

Cloud Net’s inclusive business voip packages consist of:

  • Internet based switchboard (PBX)
  • Management portal – you can configure your system really simply online
  • Free calls on Cloud Net’s network – great if you have offices in different locations or remote workers
  • Geographic telephone numbers
  • Voice mail
  • Fax boxes
  • Call redirect
  • Call recording
  • Ring back
  • Conferencing
  • Caller identification

To find out more about Cloud Net’s business telephone systems, please contact or call 01922 21 33 33.

[i] Cloud Net UK standard rates start at: 0.9p per minute for landline calls and 9p per minute for mobile calls. International rates start at: 1.3p per minute (for calls to the USA)

[ii] As at the time of writing on BT’s website

[iii] BT’s 5,000 minutes includes calls to major international destinations

IP Genie moves to centre stage

The global economic downturn has increased the urgency among companies of all sizes to reduce costs and find smarter and more efficient ways to do business. From our perspective, this imperative is moving VoIP and open-source telecom solutions, like IPGENIE UCP, to centre stage.

Clearly, the march to VoIP – among customers and carriers – began before the current worldwide economic crisis. Still, for us and other VoIP providers business is brisk as more and more companies rush to implement VoIP solutions. Enterprise customers in growing numbers are turning to VoIP for inter-branch, intra-company calling while more and more call centre’s, hotels and SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses) rely on it for all inbound and outbound international calls.

Another smarter, less expensive way to do business is open-source telephony – specifically, IPGENIE UCP. So far this year, we’ve noted increased awareness and acceptance of IPGENIE UCP among customers in England & Northern Ireland We’ve even seeing PBX procurements by multinational companies where IPGENIE is being considered side-by-side with Cisco and Avaya.

The reason is simple: IPGENIE is a flexible, scalable and reliable solution that offers the same advanced features and functionality as proprietary PBXs but at a fraction of the cost. For these reasons, IPGENIE now has a seat at the table.

In Europe, we’re also seeing keen interest in IPGENIE but for one additional reason: the large, installed base of Nortel PBX. For many years, Nortel was the PBX that many installed for customers throughout the country. Many of these switches are at or near the end of the product’s life-cycle. Compounding the normal anxiety over switch replacement is Nortel’s bankruptcy filing earlier this year. In the meantime, customers are worried about replacement parts upgrades and service and many of them are turning to IPGENIE.

We expect an even stronger second half of the year in IP PBX. In any case, we believe VoIP is moving to centre stage and IPGENIE is right behind it.

3G Antennas

With the abundance of cheap mobile broadband deals many individuals and businesses are turning to 3G routers in a bid to provide low cost, flexible mobile broadband.  Traditionally these 3G routers comprise a normal broadband with a USB interface for the insertion of a 3G dongle so that the 3G dongle could be shared between multiple users.  This method did not always prove too reliable and especially when in a poor 3G signal area.

There has been a shift to embedded 3G routers becuase they offer greater performance and can also be easily connected to a high gain 3G Antenna.  This enable users on the fringes of a 3G signal to improve their reception.  3G Antennas come in many shapes and sizes with internal and external options and also a choice of Omni-Directional or the higher Gain Directional 3G Antennas.  By using a combination of an embedded 3G router and a suitable 3G antenna ther is no reason why most users should not make the switch to convenient wireless broadband.