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Teltonika RUT200 3G Router

The Teltonika RUT200 is a high speed wireless broadband router using high speed HSPA 3G connectivity to create a wireless hotspot.

Simply insert a 3G mobile broadband SIM card into the RUT-200 3G Router and you can share your high speed mobile broadband with multiple PC’s and Network devices using the Ethernet or wireless connection options.

The Teltonika RUT200 3G Router will be available Q1 of 2011.

Onestream offers easy way to upgrade to VoIP

The Telecom FM range of Onestream VoIP GSM Gateways offer businesses with traditional analogue or ISDN2e telephone systems to easily take advantage of low cost calls using VoIP telephone services.  The Onestream Gateway connects between the phone system and telephone lines and then connects to the broadband router so that it can route calls from the phone system over the internet to a VoIP service provider (SIP Trunking) to enable low cost calls.

As well as offering the abilty to make VoIP Calls, the Onestream Gateway also features a built in 2 channel GSM Gateway that can use mobile phone SIM cards from the major networks including O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange so calls from the phone system cal also be routed directly over the mobile phone network and using the low cost inclusive, cross network call packages from these mobile phone networks, calls to mobile phones can typically be reduced by 50%.  The Onestream GSM Gateway even has the abilty to track the number of minutes used on calls to mobile phones so there is no overspend on inclusive minute bundles.

As well as offering the small business an easy way to use VoIP and GSM networks to save money on calls, the Onestream gateway can connect branch offices and home workers and even provide mobile extension functionality so that cals be be directed to external numbers including mobile phones, homeworkers and branch offices and calls answered on these external telephones can be transferred back to the office phone system making it a truly mobile extension solution.

To read more about the Onestream Gateway and view the Onestream presentation which explains how the Onestrem Gateway can benefit your business visit the dedicated Onestream Gateway site.

The Onestream Gateway has different models depending on your phone system type.  There is the Onestream GFX for analogue phone systems and the Onestrem GBRI2 and Onestream GBRI4 for ISDN2e phone systems and for businesses that have already upgraded to a VoIP phone system but want to make low cost calls using a GSM Gateway then the Onestream G is a VoIP GSM Gateway.