Monthly Archives: February 2011

3G Antenna

We have launched our new dedicated online store for our range of 3G Antennas suitable for use with a wide rnge of 3G Routers and modems.  Whatever UMTS or HSPA device you have please visit the 3G Antenna Store to view our range of compatible antennas.

3G Router Sale

Westlake Communications Ltd have annouced the launch of their lowest priced embedded 3G Router.  At only £125.00 the Telecom FM Dataroute provides a multi-function 3G router for the home or business.  Combining an ADSL2/2+ ADSL Router, Embedded HSPA Router (7.2 Mbps Download / 5.76 Mbps Upload speeds), 802.11 n/b/g WiFi (Up to 300 Mpbs) and 4 Ethernet ports, the Telecom FM Dataroute truly is a great value product.

The unit is stocked and supported in the UK and at just £125.00 each this is sure to be a big selling item of 2011.

visit the 3G Router Store for more details and to order your embedded 3G Router now.

Gigaset DX800A Launched 10th Feb 2011

The Siemens Gigaset DX800A small business phone system will be launched in the UK at an event held in London at the Institute of Electrical Engineering.  Hosting the launch is Provu, a leading distributor of VoIP Phones and associated telecoms equipment.

Gigaset DX800A

The Gigaset DX800A an ISDN Phone System that connects to a single ISDN2e telephone line and also has built in VoIP capability for connection to SIP Trunks.  Additional handsets connect to the main telephone unit wirelessly using DECT, making installation of this SoHo mini phone system a breeze.  The Gigaset DX800 will support up to 4 telephone lines (2 x channels of ISDN and 2 x SIP Trunks) and a total of 6 extensions (main unit plus 5 cordless DECT handsets Gigaset SL78H).

The Siemens Gigaset DX800A is sure to please with it’s ease of installation, flexibility of ISDN and SIP Trunking connectivity, a large system memory and it’s award winning design.

For details of the DX800A small business phone system please visit the Gigaset Website.