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Landline Number On Your Mobile

Many small business owners run their business on their mobile phone because they always need to be contactable.  This is why many small business owners are switching to a new mobile service that provides a normal landline telephone number for their customers to call.  For example, a company in Birmingham can have an 0121 telephone number that he can give to his customers and when they call him the call will be routed to his mobile phone.

Why would you use a service like this?

By giving your customers a landline telephone number it makes it cheaper for them to call you because they are just calling a normal landline number instead of calling a more expensive mobile phone number.

You can also add extra geographic numbers so you could advertise local numbers for different areas so customers think they are calling a local business.

This service also offers the option of providing call recording for all your business calls made over the mobile phone providing you with a valuable record of the call which is especially useful if you take the call whilst driving it will mean that you can capture all the relevant details knowing that the recording of the call will be e-mailed to you so you can play back the call at a convenient time and capture the necessary details.

Vodafone One Net Tops 10,000 Users In UK

Vodafone claims UK sales of OneNet have passed 10,000 users and 1,000 business contracts.  Vodafone is upping its marketing spend to help emulate international success.

The success of the Vodafone OneNet product lies in the market trend for smaller businesses to move to a hosted telephony solution for their business communications and paying a small monthly access charge for each telephone extension.  This type of hosted telephone system has already been popular over the last few years and has seen a growing base of small businesses converting to the latest VoIP technology and because the hosted telephony solution is almost the same as having a mobile phone contract where you pay a monthly service charge then it makes sense that the Vodafone Onenet service which combines both VoIP and GSM extensions should do so well.

The other advantage that Vodafone has with it’s OneNet business telephony solution is the fact that it can deliver calls over VoIP and GSM so for office users that do not  have a great broadband connection to enable quality VoIP calls they can use a mobile phone connection for each telephone extension.  You might think that using a mobile phone every day as your office phone might put off many potential users, but with the option of using a 3G Desk Phone such as the Huawei ETS6630 or the new Telecom FM 3G Desk Phone the office user can have a desktop style GSM phone that they can use with the Vodafone OneNet GSM solution.


HTC EVO 4G LTE Smartphone

The new HTC EVO 4G LTE is the HTC EVO but better and faster than ever. As if its amazing camera, premium design, and astounding HD experience weren’t enough, it also has Beats Audio™ built in. Add the latest version of HTC Sense™, and you’ll fall in love with the HTC EVO all over again.

HTC EVO 4G LTE Smartphone

Amazing Camera Capture what you want. When you want. With instant capture, crystal-clear picture, and HD video, never miss a moment.

Authentic Sound Hear sound on a whole new level.  Beats Audio™ delivers a rich, authentic, experience that makes movies, music, and games sound like they never have before.

Premium Design Design is in the details. With an external dedicated camera button, HD screen protected with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, and the original HTC EVO kickstand for upright hands-free entertainment, these details make all the difference.

HTC Sense The oh-so-intuitive HTC Sense gives your phone personality and makes it more like you. Customize and shine the spotlight on what you love most.

Astounding Viewing Experience It’ll be hard to take your eyes off the screen with its vibrant colors and sharp picture. Virtually no reflection and extreme angle viewing make sure that you see every single detail.

LTE Networks are only just emerging in the UK so it will be a while before we can experience using an LTE Smartphone, but it is nice to dream and what is better at least we know with the UK marketplace starting to invest in 4G LTE Networks it won;t be long before we can take advantage of the 4G LTE network revolution and experience LTE Smartphones and the mobile internet as it should be.


A proposed ‘special condition” that will be attached to the auction of 800MHz airwaves freed up as the UK switches from analogue to digital TV – the so called “digital dividend- – in order to promote competition and make 4th Generation (4G) mobile spectrum available even in areas where there is little or no commercial incentive, has been published for consultation by Ofcom.

In a March 2011 consultation,  Ofcom proposed that a special condition attached to one of the 800MHz licences would oblige the holder to roll out a 4G network to at least 95% of the UK population. Following the government’s October decision to spend £150m providing infrastructure capable of supporting  4G coverage in so-called ‘not-spots’, Ofcom now proposes extending  this condition either to require 98% coverage of the UK population or to require one 800MHz operator to provide 4G coverage that not only matches 2G coverage, but extends into the ‘not-spot’ areas.

Second consultation on assessment of future mobile competition and proposals for the award of 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz spectrum and related issues’ is available at

Brand refresh and new website increases conversions for mobile accessories retailer Mobile Fun

Mobile Fun improves customer experience across international sites

Birmingham, 10 April 2012 – Mobile Fun, ( the leading online retailer of accessories for mobile devices has rebranded its Mobile Fun website portfolio; updated its website design; and introduced a range of new features to simplify the buying process while providing customers with maximum product information.

Mobile Fun’s websites (in the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and Spain) list over 8,000 live products which represent the largest range of mobile and tablet accessories at any online retailer.

The updated Mobile Fun websites now offer clearer navigation via a number of new features, including:

·         ”Attributes” for key product ranges

·         “Model selector” widget

·         New image gallery including product and video thumbnails

·        New shopping basket and checkout

·        Multiple currency, VAT rate and payment methods

·        Multi-lingual reviews

Additionally, the new websites value customer feedback and make finding the perfect mobile accessory even easier with a product suggestions survey.

As Mobile Fun’s export business grows, customers can now order using multiple payment methods across five different language websites. For international customers Mobile Fun has also integrated multi-lingual customer product reviews across its key websites.

“Regular customers have reacted extremely positively to the refresh. With our continuous improvement programme in place, new website features are rolled out every two weeks, so we are constantly innovating to improve customer experience and drive conversions,” commented Mark Riley, Head of Marketing at Mobile Fun.

Mobile Fun was recently announced Online Retailer of the Year for a second year in a row at the Mobile News Awards.


About Mobile Fun

Mobile Fun is the UK’s leading Internet retailer offering a market leading range of accessories for mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices from its growing portfolio of websites in the UK and in Europe.

With a product range of over 8,000 globally-sourced mobile accessories and tens of thousands of mobile downloads available on its websites, Mobile Fun has successfully established a market-leading position within the competitive mobile, smartphone and tablet sectors.

Mobile Fun has offices in the UK, Germany and France and delivers products to over 50 countries worldwide.

Mobile Fun was ranked as the UK’s 7th ‘Fastest Growing Technology Based Company’ in the Sunday Times 2006 Microsoft Tech Track 100, was awarded the ‘Online Retailer of the Year’ title at the Mobile News Awards 2012 and 2011 and won the Online Retail Awards 2011 ‘Computers and Telecommunications’ category.