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The new Panasonic KX-A405 DECT Repeater replaces the KX-A272 DECT Repeater.

The Panasonic A405 DECT repeater is an ideal solution for when you need to extend the range of your DECT CS (Cell Station), to cover areas where reception was previously not available.  The KX-A405 is a DECT repeater designed for use with a Panasonic Telephone System and the Integratded DECT handset solution.


The A405 DECT repeater extends the range in all directions, allowing for a wider area to be covered. A single cell station can register up to 6 KX-A405 repeaters while each DECT repeater can support 4 simultaneous transmissions channels.

The DECT repeater is:

  • Connectable to all existing Panasonic Cell Stations. Capable of providing full handover of PBX DECT portable telephones with Cell Stations & telephones (PS).
  • Capable of bridging two IP-Cell Stations (Air Synchronisation).

This is ideal when you need to bridge between:

1. Two floors of an office where there are weak spots.
2. Two buildings, to cover internal weak spots, or an outdoor area between the two locations.

Supported Panasonic Phone Systems


Supported Cell Stations

KX-NCP0158 (IP-CS)

Supported PS Handsets


The Panasonic DECT Repeater KX-A405 replaces the Panasonic KX-A272 DECT Repeater.


Sagemcom Sixty Retro Cordless DECT Phone

Sagemcom Sixty

Sagemcom Sixty


Sagemcom presents its new, but highly reminiscent, phone: The Sixty. A perfect inclusion for your home with a touch of creativity, the Sixty brings together a truly retro design look with the latest DECT cordless phone technology.

A true decorative piece, the Sixty consists of a base containing a touch dial placed around a reverse video Dot matrix screen (white on black background) and a wireless handset with a 10 hour communication standby battery life, and with a radio range of up to 300 m indoors. With a “High Glossy” orange finish, its dial enhanced with luminous dial buttons (13 LED), its aluminium compound cradle and its small chromed backing plate, this contemporary reinterpretation of the historical S63 model, is an ingenious merging of elegance, originality and simplicity.

Sagemcom Sixty

And, in perfect harmony with its vintage profile, the Sagemcom Sixty offers 10 ringtones, including an “Old school” Hi Fi ringtone, an exact reproduction of the original ring ring.

The Sagemcom Sixty might look like an old fashioned grandfather phone but it has all the functionalities we would expect of today’s advanced cordless phones: a “virtual” answer machine (no keys on the base, records up to 24 minutes of messages), a 150 number phonebook, call blocking (to prevent dialling of certain prefixes), time/date/length of call display, a hands-free function thanks to the built-in loudspeaker and microphone, as well as GAP and PABX compatibility.

Combining design perfection and advanced technology, the new Sagem Sixty phone offers, along the lines of the neo-retro trend in the automobile world, a magical cocktail of nostalgia and modernity!

The Sagemcom Sixty Retro look Designer Cordless DECT Phone is available for next day delivery in the UK and is available in Black or Orange.

View the Sagemcom Sixty Video and 360 image by CLICKING HERE

Swissvoice ePure Designer Cordless DECT Phone

Swissvoice ePure Designer Cordless DECT Phone

Swissvoice ePure

The Swissvoice ePure is a designer cordless DECT phone that sounds as good as it looks. Combining high quality speech with an impressive list of features and award winning design, the Swissvoice ePure Phone is going to turn some heads and is ideal for home or business use.

Main features:

– 1.4″ backlit dot matrix display
– Handsfree operation
– Multi handset low radiation mode
– Comfort features:
– Clock and appointments alarm
– Ringer and loudspeaker volume adjustable (5 levels each)
– 10 HiFi ringer melodies, deactivation possible
– Keypad lock
– Microphone deactivatable during conversation
– Accept a call by picking up receiver from base
– Clock
– Personalize handsets by assigning different handset names
– Locate mislaid handsets with paging
– Use up to 5 handsets and 4 bases
– Transfer calls internally and externally
– Conference call compatible
– Directory and call management:
– 100 name directory
– Caller number and name indication
– Recall last 10 phone numbers used
– Call duration indication during a call
– Network access:
– 1 access to analogue network
– DTMF or pulse dialling

Technical Specifications:

– Alimentation: Low energy consumption power adaptor
– Standard: PSTN analogue
– Batteries: Lithium-ion (3.7 V, 550 mAh)
– Operating time: Talk time up to 10 hours, in standby up to 150 hours
– Range: Outdoor up to 300 m, indoor up to 50m

– Measures approximately 20.6cm(W) x 8.5cm(H) x 6.4cm (D)

Aastra 400

Aastra 400

The Aastra 400 is an affordable, scalable multi-handset SIP–DECT mobility solution for Small Business.

Aastra 400

Bringing superior DECT 6.0 based technology to the Small Business market, the Aastra 400 offers a reliable, cost effective, multi-handset office mobility solution. Consisting of the MBU 400 gateway, which supports eight unique SIP registrations, one analog FXO port, and up to eight 420d handsets, the system can function as a standalone SIP DECT solution or can be tightly integrated with the AastraLink Pro™ 160 IP Key system.

With handset features such as a color screen display, polyphonic ring tones and easy access to functions and features, the MBU 400 can increase Small Business productivity and efficiency.

Key Features and BenefitsFully Integrated Solution
The Aastra MBU 400 DECT gateway supports eight unique SIP registrations and one FXO port providing a fully integrated SIP and Analog service for Small Business. It offers true multi-user capability with capacity for up to eight handsets with eight individual VoIP telephone numbers and, unlike traditional cordless solutions, allows 4 simultaneous calls at once. The Aastra MBU 400 can also be provisioned and managed via the AstraLink Pro™ 160 web UI, providing a single tool for configuration and maintenance of the handsets and other Aastra SIP terminals.

Superior Technology
Employing DECT 6.0 technology, the Aastra MBU 400 offers virtually interference-free performance in any work or residential environment. The technology employs advanced encryption providing an extra layer of security to calls and improving overall wireless call quality.

Feature Rich Handsets
The Aastra 420d handset is equipped with a backlit color graphical display providing phone status, Caller ID, Call Waiting, DND, Transfer, Hold and a variety of information at-glance. This stylish handset also offers features such as speakerphone, intercom between handsets, vibrate functionality, polyphonic ring tones, twelve hours talk time capability and a large directory for up to 170 entries.

The Aastra MBU 400 can expand with a growing Small Business. By simply adding up to seven additional handsets, the MBU 400 can easily grow to meet changing business needs. When integrated with the AastraLink Pro™ 160, provisioning of the handsets is effortless.

The Aastra 400 SIP DECT Solution is due for UK release in July / August 2011 and will be available from

For more information about the Aastra 400 please visit the VoIP Store where you can download the Aastra 400 product Brochure and Installation Manual.

Jacob Jensen Telephone 10

The Jacob Jensen T10 is a DECT version of their very popular and classic Telephone 1 Product, but with optional hotel features.

Jacob Jensen Telephone 10
– Uniquely composed ringtones
– Hands free on handset
– Wall mountable
– Low radiation
– Up to six handsets per base
– Hotel Options – Voice Message Waiting Indicator, PC programmer, RJ45 PABX adapter

Key Features:

Display and Keypad

LCD type, 14 digit x 3 line + icons
LCD backlight
Keypad backlight
Display language menu

Flash selectable 80-800 ms


Speaker volume
Ringer volume
VIP distinctive ringer tone by CLIP
Private ring
8 specially composed ringtones


Antenna: Integrated on base, Integrated on handset
GAP Compatible

Call Management

Last number redial
Name tagging
Call Log List
Call Transfer between HS
100 phone book memory locations
VIP distinctive ringer tone by CLIP
Call baring
Direct call
3 party conference

Handset Features

Grouping phone book memory
Keypad backlight
Handset naming
Phone book transfer between HS
Keypad lock
Page key
Walkie-talkie mode

Handset Dimensions & Other Facts:

Very low energy consumption
Battery type :Li-ion
Battery type : Rechargeable
Standby time : Up to 7 days
Talk time : Up to 12 hours
Wall mountable
Range inside: 50 meters
Range outside: 300 meters
Base dimensions : 30 x 50 x 100mm
Handset dimensions : 200 x 45 x 20mm
Handset weight – 135g