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Teltonika RUT104 HSPA+ 3G Router

Teltonika, a leading manufacturer of GSM and 3G M2M communications technology has announced the launch of their new RUT104 HSPA+ Router.

This revised version of their popular 3G router provides faster 3G Internet connectivity for the RUT104 Router.  Using the latest HSPA+ network technology the RUT104 offers fast mobile broadband download speeds up to 14.4Mbps and upload speeds up to 5.76Mbps.

Teltonika RUT104 HSPA+ 3G Router

The Teltonika RUT104 boasts an impressive feature list for such a low priced, industrial grade 3G router including built-in site to site VPN functionality (IPsec, Open VPN and PPTP), Firewall and Port Forwarding features, all essential on a 3G router designed to provide remote access over the 3G network for applications such as CCTV, Digital Signage, Solar Installations and Wind Turbine management and monitoring.

Using a 3G router instead of a wired broadband service has become increasingly popular and Teltonika have seen a huge rise in demand for their 3G routers and this has led to a significant investment in a revised version of their RUT104 router including a redesigned web interface.

This router is easy to install and configure and provides a reliable 3G internet connection and with the added benefit of a Ping Reboot feature that can be configured to automatically reboot the router to re-establish a 3G connection in the event that the 3G network disconnects the device, makes the Teltonika the first choice of 3G router for high speed mobile broadband connectivity for a wide range of M2M (Machine to Machine) remote monitoring and management applications.

The rise in the use of 3G mobile broadband routers for M2M applications has been driven by the low cost of reliable 3G Routers, the availability of Fixed IP SIM cards, the falling cost of 3G connectivity and the rising cost of installing wired broadband in temporary or remote locations as well as the availability of 3G connectivity from O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange and Three across the UK.

The Teltonika RUT104 is available in the UK from Westlake Communications Ltd, a leading supplier of 3G Routers.


CCTV in a High Speed Mobile World

What is the future for Close Circuit TV with Mobile Broadband speeds reaching Fixed Broadband speeds in the near future?

Video is such a major part of our lives that we tend to take it for granted when it is all around us from the TVs in our homes to Youtube on our PCs and Smart Phones. But the expansion in speed in the Mobile world, 3G, UMTS, HSPA and 4G services is starting to open up possibilities that have never before been practical or even feasible.

Security services for example – On every corner in most major European cities you will find CCTV cameras but it is not so practical to put these systems into certain areas that would seriously benefit from monitoring and surveillance. High risk or secluded areas such as bus stops, remote storage, public vehicles and rural locations where data network availability has been limited or not even present. Wide area Broadband services now open up the possibility of providing a host of security services to remote locations and to bring back live video capture. Often legacy systems require local storage and some form of manual intervention to recover recordings. If a theft or attack is recorded the owner or authorities need to play catch up after the event to piece together the evidence. Not withstanding that the mobile operators need to offer suitable data packages for these applications it is certainly an application waiting for the service and there is a plethora of High Speed 4G CPE waiting to connect these networks. Broadband is no longer the exclusive domain of the fixed operators! There a host of legacy systems awaiting retrofit and more new systems to install which, too date, have been impractical to deploy. 4G is going to be a major contributor to making these systems a success.