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Vodafone One Net Tops 10,000 Users In UK

Vodafone claims UK sales of OneNet have passed 10,000 users and 1,000 business contracts.  Vodafone is upping its marketing spend to help emulate international success.

The success of the Vodafone OneNet product lies in the market trend for smaller businesses to move to a hosted telephony solution for their business communications and paying a small monthly access charge for each telephone extension.  This type of hosted telephone system has already been popular over the last few years and has seen a growing base of small businesses converting to the latest VoIP technology and because the hosted telephony solution is almost the same as having a mobile phone contract where you pay a monthly service charge then it makes sense that the Vodafone Onenet service which combines both VoIP and GSM extensions should do so well.

The other advantage that Vodafone has with it’s OneNet business telephony solution is the fact that it can deliver calls over VoIP and GSM so for office users that do not  have a great broadband connection to enable quality VoIP calls they can use a mobile phone connection for each telephone extension.  You might think that using a mobile phone every day as your office phone might put off many potential users, but with the option of using a 3G Desk Phone such as the Huawei ETS6630 or the new Telecom FM 3G Desk Phone the office user can have a desktop style GSM phone that they can use with the Vodafone OneNet GSM solution.


Gigaset N510 IP PRO

Gigaset N510 IP PRO – The new DECT IP Base Station from Gigaset.

The Gigaset N510IP is the latest offering from the popular VoIP and DECT manufacturer and is not going to disappoint.  The Gigaset N510 IP DECT Base Station offers connectivity for up to 6 VoIP Accounts, 6 x DECT Handsets and can handle 4 simultaneous calls.

Gigaset N510 IP PRO

For a powerful DECT mobility solution for small business the Gigaset N510 IP PRO, DECT IP base station provides great calling options and productivity advantages.


– Up to 4 external calls in parallel
– Up to 6 handsets
– Up to 6 VoIP accounts
– Compatible with Gigaset’s wide range of DECT handsets
– Exceptional HD sound with HDSP
– Local network directory and public online directories
– Email notification and reader
– Future-proof software
– Professional zero-touch auto-provisioning setup
– Desktop or wall mountable
– Energy-saving ECO features
– Integrated power over Ethernet


How virtual phone systems help start-up success

The key to success for any new business lies mainly in their ability keep overheads to a minimum, whilst remaining flexible and projecting as professional an image as possible. A new business owner will wear many hats and will often need to travel around frequently promoting their business and generating sales.

First impressions go a long way when it comes to business relationships, therefore many entrepreneurs will strive to adopt the image of a much more established business from day one. Possibly one of the most important things for any start-up to get right is how they handle their calls.

The ideal phone service for start-ups is one which is inexpensive, instantly scalable, allows them to create the impression of depth, and offers seamless communication between workers even when they are not in the same office. Most importantly, they should not be tied down for a specific time period or to one location so as to allow for growth and portability.

A virtual phone system allows even the smallest of start-ups to instantly sound more professional, without breaking the bank. By starting small and adding features on demand, a virtual phone system will grow easily and seamlessly with the business. What’s more, with the capability of receiving calls anywhere, either over the internet using a VoIP softphone or physical handset, or by call forwarding to a mobile phone or landline it’s business as usual, whatever may be occurring in the entrepreneur’s daily life.

Here is a summary of what I believe to be the main benefits of a virtual phone system for start-ups:

  • No equipment required, therefore no capital cost and no maintenance or finance charges.
  • Add or remove extensions as needed.
  • Publish a local number for each area in which you wish to have a presence and receive those calls anywhere you like, or choose a non-geographic ‘03’ or ‘08’ number.
  • Route calls to the most appropriate place depending on the time of day or week.
  • Connect users in different locations seamlessly while making/receiving calls from a central number, eliminating the need for physical office space.
  • Don’t let callers go straight to voicemail (unless you want them to) – ensure calls are answered by the relevant person every time.
  • Give callers the option of reaching different departments or extensions on the same number.

Furthermore, Sipcentric offers:

  • Instant activation.
  • No setup or cancellation charges.
  • Absolutely no commitment – cancel some or all of your services at any time.
  • The most user-friendly management portal around (we believe).

In conclusion, a virtual telephone system enables a new business owner to keep initial costs low and remain flexible, allowing them to sound professional and stay connected wherever they are. As the business grows, they can easily add phone numbers, extensions and features to accommodate that growth, without fear of geographic restrictions or onerous contracts.

On-demand phone service for UK startups launched

Having worked together previously and sharing a passion for Internet communications, Kevin and I have teamed up again after identifying a gap in the UK market for a phone service tailored specifically for home-based startups and entrepreneurs.

SipcentricThe launch of our new ‘on-demand’ phone service marks the beginning of a new era of telephony services for business people. A virtual phone system from Sipcentric can instantly make a small business sound more professional yet requires no commitment whatsoever and is remarkably easy to start using.

Traditionally, if someone required a second line to be installed in their home for their new business, they would have to pay for installation, wait around 2 weeks for it to be installed and then pay rental of around £10-15 per month for a minimum of 12 months. Not ideal, as many new businesses need to remain flexible, and portable, particularly in the early months.

Or they could sign up for one of the many hosted VoIP services around. Most of these seem to assume the user is already familiar with VoIP or that they are technically savvy. These, too, tend to come with setup charges and minimum contracts, although the rental costs are typically lower than their traditional counterparts.

Our exciting new service is ideal for those who have heard about the benefits of VoIP but either don’t know where to start or wish to try it out without committing themselves to long term contracts or paying for features they really don’t need. Anyone can sign up for an account for free via our website and take a look around the system, watching the tutorial videos and getting to know their way around.

When they are ready to get started, they can start to add features on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. Rental is paid monthly at the beginning of each month until the feature is removed. A feature can be removed at any time prior to the end of the month and we will not charge for it again. It really is that simple.

Users can start with a single phone extension which can be used anywhere in the world from just £3 per month plus VAT. They can add a UK telephone number from almost any area code, instantly, and send calls to different places depending on the time of day from just £2 plus VAT.

By providing business owners with an on-demand, instantly adaptable system with which to professionally handle their calls, we aim to establish ourselves as the only provider fully committed to enabling startups and small businesses to grow their communications in their own way and without barriers.

Our service has been created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We know the challenges faced by small business owners. Therefore, our customers can rely on us to provide a personal service with awesome support and 100% belief in what we do.

Aastra 400

Aastra 400

The Aastra 400 is an affordable, scalable multi-handset SIP–DECT mobility solution for Small Business.

Aastra 400

Bringing superior DECT 6.0 based technology to the Small Business market, the Aastra 400 offers a reliable, cost effective, multi-handset office mobility solution. Consisting of the MBU 400 gateway, which supports eight unique SIP registrations, one analog FXO port, and up to eight 420d handsets, the system can function as a standalone SIP DECT solution or can be tightly integrated with the AastraLink Pro™ 160 IP Key system.

With handset features such as a color screen display, polyphonic ring tones and easy access to functions and features, the MBU 400 can increase Small Business productivity and efficiency.

Key Features and BenefitsFully Integrated Solution
The Aastra MBU 400 DECT gateway supports eight unique SIP registrations and one FXO port providing a fully integrated SIP and Analog service for Small Business. It offers true multi-user capability with capacity for up to eight handsets with eight individual VoIP telephone numbers and, unlike traditional cordless solutions, allows 4 simultaneous calls at once. The Aastra MBU 400 can also be provisioned and managed via the AstraLink Pro™ 160 web UI, providing a single tool for configuration and maintenance of the handsets and other Aastra SIP terminals.

Superior Technology
Employing DECT 6.0 technology, the Aastra MBU 400 offers virtually interference-free performance in any work or residential environment. The technology employs advanced encryption providing an extra layer of security to calls and improving overall wireless call quality.

Feature Rich Handsets
The Aastra 420d handset is equipped with a backlit color graphical display providing phone status, Caller ID, Call Waiting, DND, Transfer, Hold and a variety of information at-glance. This stylish handset also offers features such as speakerphone, intercom between handsets, vibrate functionality, polyphonic ring tones, twelve hours talk time capability and a large directory for up to 170 entries.

The Aastra MBU 400 can expand with a growing Small Business. By simply adding up to seven additional handsets, the MBU 400 can easily grow to meet changing business needs. When integrated with the AastraLink Pro™ 160, provisioning of the handsets is effortless.

The Aastra 400 SIP DECT Solution is due for UK release in July / August 2011 and will be available from

For more information about the Aastra 400 please visit the VoIP Store where you can download the Aastra 400 product Brochure and Installation Manual.

Yealink Phones approved by Broadsoft and Avaya

Yealink’s award-winning SIP-T2X range of IP phones has secured interoperability with key Avaya and BroadSoft solutions.

In a landmark move the five-strong range has been certified compliant with Avaya solutions including Avaya Aura® Communication Manager and Avaya S8800 Media Server with G650 Media Gateway.

In addition the handsets have been formally validated by BroadSoft for use on its popular BroadWorks platform, confirming they support all its latest features. These include shared call appearance, BLF, multiple call arrangement, network conferencing, device feature synchronisation and DNS SRV Lookup.

Commenting on the compliance confirmations, Yealink UK’s managing director Andrew Roberts said: “These are landmark achievements. Full compliance across the range with major Avaya solutions that are so strategically well placed in the UK telecoms and unified communications marketplaces is vitally important. Similarly Broadworks popularity in the hosted services space makes it a key platform for us and the resellers we partner.”

The Yealink T2X IP Phone range includes the Yealink T20P, Yealink T22P, Yealink T26P and the Yealink T28P

For more information on the Yealink products please visit Yealink phones

Gigaset DE700 IP PRO SIP Phone

The business IP phone with intuitive contact and call management

The DE700 IP PRO is the IP phone for small and medium businesses demanding an expert phone system for managing their professional calls and contacts. Convenient navigation, multiple expansion options, a host of executive features, hassle-free set up, and exceptional wideband sound make the DE700 IP PRO perfectly suited for intuitive business communication.


Outstanding display with user interface
The intuitive, icon-based user interface on the illuminated 3.5” colour display grants access to the DE700 IP PRO’s contact and call management options. Special features include a customizable screensaver and slide-show, an animated menu and address book, and a caller time zone indicator.

Easy and convenient navigation
Quick and ergonomic, the 5-way touch wheel simplifies navigation on the DE700 IP PRO, with a high-performance processor for real-time speed on address book browsing and other premium features.

Easy expandability options
Simple to connect, the optional Gigaset Expansion Module enlarges the DE700 IP PRO by an additional 14 programmable keys with dual-colored LED.

Straightforward set-up and auto-provisioning
Step-by-step wizards handle the DE700 IP PRO’s complete installation and configuration. Auto-provisioning from Gigaset partners offer hassle-free remote configuration and management. Downloadable VoIP profiles guarantee an easy start.

Gigaset DE700 Features

  • 3.5” color TFT display with award-winning user interface
  • Touch wheel for fast directory scrolling
  • Up to 8 SIP accounts
  • Exceptional HD sound with HDSP™
  • MP3 ringtones
  • Headset connection: corded
  • Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) with 2-port switch
  • Integrated Power over Ethernet
  • XML browser and Info Center: weather, RSS and more
  • Classic PBX calling features
  • We-based call manager with CTI
  • Direct dialing of Microsoft Outlook™ contacts via PC
  • Local network directories and public online directory
  • SRTZ/TLS encryption
  • Professional “zero-touch” auto-provisioning setup
  • Certified hearing aid compatible
  • Energy-saving ECO features

Buy the Gigaset DE700 Online

The Cloud demands Cloudnet rebrand to Birchills Telecom to remove “Cloud” threat

15 March 2011.  Hosted VoIP company, Cloudnet Telecommunications, has officially changed its company name to Birchills Telecom following legal action from The Cloud.

The hosted VoIP company may have gone unnoticed, however, its search engine optimisation (SEO) activity was driving it to a higher Google spot than The Cloud Networks Ltd, when web users searched for the term cloud net.  The Wi-Fi hotspot company, popularly known as The Cloud, promptly began legal action claiming ownership of the word “Cloud”.

The Cloud Networks were seeking a High Court Injunction at an early date to stop Cloudnet “passing themselves” off as the Wi-Fi hotspot supplier. 

As The Cloud knows, the costs of defending such an action are beyond the scope of most small companies. Birchills Telecoms was founded in 2009 to provide plug and play VoIP systems directly to small businesses, so is unable to fight a company with unlimited funds to enforce the trademark on the word “Cloud”.

David Hill, founder and Chairman of Birchills Telecom explains: “We were told by The Cloud’s legal team to simply change our name in case The Cloud decided, at a later date, to sell telephone systems. To be asked to simply change our name is disingenuous as this is neither simple nor cheap to do and we are being asked to throw away the brand loyalty we have built up.”

“Some research on the Trade Mark registry reveals and there are literally hundreds of registered trade names including the word “cloud” in the telecommunications category and no doubt The Cloud is pursuing them too.”

“We provide business phone systems and cannot be simply mistaken for the Wi-Fi hotspot provider, and were in no way trying to pass ourselves off as them. We have now had to invest in changing our branding, marketing materials, emails and more, while keeping our customers happy and informed of the changes.” 

The new name reflects where the company is based and the new brand is dynamic and fresh to reflect the company’s values of freedom, control and simplicity.   

Birchills Telecom existing customers have been informed and its user base continues to grow as customers are attracted to its all-inclusive hardware and hosted PBX packages, wholly owned network and direct contact to customer service and support.

The company’s new website can be found at

Claim No. HC11C00062 The Cloud Networks Ltd v Cloudnet Telecommunications Ltd (Without Prejudice) [WS.FID2831897]. The High Court of Justice, UK.

Free IP handsets for UK small businesses using VoIP thanks to Cloudnet

Cloudnet saves small companies from £70 – £200 per handset to encourage wider use of VoIP

17 November 2010 – To celebrate a successful first year, telephone systems company Cloudnet, today announced that it is giving away free Grandstream internet phones and Siemens Cordless DECT business phones to help small companies to benefit from the low call costs of VoIP through professional pre-configured internet phone handsets.

For a 10 person company, Cloudnet predicts that with its free phone offer, typical savings are between £700 – £2,000 for equivalent VoIP handsets.

Cloudnet is offering new subscribers to its Cloudnet Connect service, free handsets until 1 January 2011. 

Cloudnet Connect, which starts at £8.50 per month plus calls, is for businesses that are looking for a phone system without the huge setup costs and includes:

  • Plug and play VoIP – free phones and online PBX – no capital expenditure
  • All inclusive advanced business telephone features, such as voicemail, call divert, call recording
  • Free calls within the Cloudnet network and branch to branch
  • Low national and international call charges

David Hill, Chairman of Cloudnet said, “while call costs for VoIP are attractive the cost of IP phones has inevitably been high, from £70 to over £200 per handset.  We believe that we have created the most attractive internet phone package for businesses which includes free handsets to accompany a full online switchboard, and we believe to be much more cost effective than our VoIP service provider rivals. With the Cloudnet Connect system, we provide the easiest to install and use VoIP system for small businesses.

We are also expanding the range of phones we offer and have just signed a deal to offer Snom, Yealink and Cisco Linksys phones to our customers.”

Cloudnet also offers call bundles where companies can benefit from fixed rate calls, a virtual answering service and a Flexinumber service, which provides a landline number for mobiles.

The free phones being offered under Cloudnet’s deal include:

Cloudnet’s entry level business phone – IP01

  • Full integration with the Cloudnet system
  • Large graphical LCD display with privacy features
  • Intuitive menu system
  • Dual ports – no need for a spare network socket
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Hands free
  • Address book
  • CLI
  • Call number memory
  • And much more

Grandstream GXP-2000 operator phone

  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • 4 individual lines
  • Dual Ethernet ports
  • Graphical LCD display
  • Secure central configuration
  • And much more

Siemens Cordless DECT business phone

  • Multiline for up to 6 handsets and 6 sip accounts
  • 210 hours standby
  • 25 hours talk time
  • 50m indoor radius
  • 150 contact storage
  • Hands free calling
  • Up to 3 parallel calls
  • Brilliant sound quality for internet calls (HDSP)
  • Illuminated handset

To find out more about Cloudnet’s business telephone systems, please contact or call 01922 21 33 33.