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Jacob Jensen Telephone 10

The Jacob Jensen T10 is a DECT version of their very popular and classic Telephone 1 Product, but with optional hotel features.

Jacob Jensen Telephone 10
– Uniquely composed ringtones
– Hands free on handset
– Wall mountable
– Low radiation
– Up to six handsets per base
– Hotel Options – Voice Message Waiting Indicator, PC programmer, RJ45 PABX adapter

Key Features:

Display and Keypad

LCD type, 14 digit x 3 line + icons
LCD backlight
Keypad backlight
Display language menu

Flash selectable 80-800 ms


Speaker volume
Ringer volume
VIP distinctive ringer tone by CLIP
Private ring
8 specially composed ringtones


Antenna: Integrated on base, Integrated on handset
GAP Compatible

Call Management

Last number redial
Name tagging
Call Log List
Call Transfer between HS
100 phone book memory locations
VIP distinctive ringer tone by CLIP
Call baring
Direct call
3 party conference

Handset Features

Grouping phone book memory
Keypad backlight
Handset naming
Phone book transfer between HS
Keypad lock
Page key
Walkie-talkie mode

Handset Dimensions & Other Facts:

Very low energy consumption
Battery type :Li-ion
Battery type : Rechargeable
Standby time : Up to 7 days
Talk time : Up to 12 hours
Wall mountable
Range inside: 50 meters
Range outside: 300 meters
Base dimensions : 30 x 50 x 100mm
Handset dimensions : 200 x 45 x 20mm
Handset weight – 135g