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Clarity adds entry level IP phone to range

The Clarity 1000 series of entry level IP handsets offer a traditional and ergonomically designed handset with all the benefits associated to IP Telephony. An affordable cost to deploy the Clarity 1000 series is the ideal choice for high volume deployments in to the private and public sector markets.

Clarity 4020 – NEW Small Business Phone System

The Clarity 4020 Mini VoIP PBX launches in the UK today and marks a new era for converged PBX solutions.

The Clarity PBX is an out of the box solution, with the main phone system unit supplied in the guise of the Clarity 4020 GSB Desk Phone.  This telephone connects to a standard analogue telephone line and the user can also insert a mobile phone SIM card (O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone ir Orange) and then choose to make calls via the PSTN Telephone Line or take advantage of low cost call plans over the mobile phone network.

The main system phone then connects to the LAN (Local Area Network), which for most users will be the office broadband router / switch and the user can then configure the PBX side of things by logging into the admin interface with a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc).  The Clarity 4020 PBX Phone can connect to 7 SIP Trunks (VoIP Telephone Lines) providing extra call capacity, or can be used in conjunction with a Hosted Telephony service to provide extra wide area functionality.

Additional extensions can be connected to the LAN (Up to 15 extensions) by using the Clarity 3020 IP Phones which feature HD Voice to ensure high quality calls.  Once extra extensions have been connected calls can be made or answered from any of the telephone line selections (Analogue, GSM or SIP Trunk) and calls can be transferred to the other extensions.

At under £400.00+VAT, the Clarity mini IP PBX is sure to be a winner amongst the growing numbers of small business users who want to take control of their business communications and save money by making calls over GSM and VoIP.

Clarity 4020 small business phone system

With the combination of GSM Desk Phone and VoIP Phone System with SIP Trunk and IP Telephone extensions, the Clarity 4020 Phone System should prove to be a popular choice with small businesses.