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3G Antenna

We have launched our new dedicated online store for our range of 3G Antennas suitable for use with a wide rnge of 3G Routers and modems.  Whatever UMTS or HSPA device you have please visit the 3G Antenna Store to view our range of compatible antennas.

3G Antennas

With the abundance of cheap mobile broadband deals many individuals and businesses are turning to 3G routers in a bid to provide low cost, flexible mobile broadband.  Traditionally these 3G routers comprise a normal broadband with a USB interface for the insertion of a 3G dongle so that the 3G dongle could be shared between multiple users.  This method did not always prove too reliable and especially when in a poor 3G signal area.

There has been a shift to embedded 3G routers becuase they offer greater performance and can also be easily connected to a high gain 3G Antenna.  This enable users on the fringes of a 3G signal to improve their reception.  3G Antennas come in many shapes and sizes with internal and external options and also a choice of Omni-Directional or the higher Gain Directional 3G Antennas.  By using a combination of an embedded 3G router and a suitable 3G antenna ther is no reason why most users should not make the switch to convenient wireless broadband.

Flat Panel Antenna

Westlake Communications Ltd have announced the launch of their new Flat Panel Antenna.

Flat Panel Antenna

The GXD1201 Flat Panel Antenna is a 3G Antenna as well as a standard GSM Antenna.  This means that the GXD1201 Fat Panel Antenna can be used with 3G Routers as well as GSM Gateway and Fixed Cellular Terminal (premicell) type products. 

This High Gain Antenna is similar to the Sirio SMP-918-9 Antenna and provides 10dBi gain and is supplied with 5m of cable with an SMA connection suitable for use with most 3G Routers and GSm gateways.

The GXD1201 Flat Panel GSM Antenna is priced competitively at just £60.00 and is sure to e popular with many GSM Gateway, Fixed Cellular Terminal and 3G Router users and resellers.