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Proroute – New M2M 3G Router Storms Ahead Of Competition

Since it’s launch in September 2012, the Proroute range of M2M 3G Routers have taken the UK market by storm.  Offering an industrial grade, M2M 3G router using the latest high speed HSPA+ embedded modem technology the Proroute H685 and H700 3G Routers have won the hearts and minds of both the security and energy services marketplaces as the premium 3G router to provide 3G wireless Broadband connectivity for remote management and monitoring of equipment at remote sites using high speed 3G mobile broadband services.

The cost of using 3G compared to traditional landline broadband is now more competitive in many instances and the Proroute 3G routers provide a convenient and reliable 3G service for Machine To Machine (M2M) communications with advanced keep alive features and a specification list making it suitable for 99% of applications the Proroute M2M 3G Routers are the ideal choice for your 3G remote connectivity services for small and large projects alike.

Already used in over 36,000 installations worldwide, the Proroute M2M range of industrial grade 3G routers have been providing robust, reliable M2M connectivity for over six years and with the latest HSPA+ technology offering download speeds of up to 21Mbps and upload speeds up to 5.76Mbps these 3G routers offer a real alternative towired broadband services.

The Proroute H685 series router provides a single HSPA+ Module withan  RJ45 Ethernet port for wired LAN connectivity as well as a WAN Port to enable the router to be used as a failover 3G router.  Also inlcuded inside this robist metal casing that protects the router in the harshest of environments is built-in WiFi offering high speed N Wireless as well as 802.11b/g wireless connectivity, Keep Alive features to ensure a permanent 3G connection, firewall and port forwarding options to suit most installations as well as wide ranging temperature and voltage specifications to ensure compatibility and functionality in the majority of applications.

The Proroute H700 has all the same features as the H685 3g router but includes a second HSPA+ 3G Module making this dual SIM 3G router the ideal solution for mission critical applications where redundancy is required.  The Proroute H700 3G Router will failover to a second network in the event that the primary network becomes unavailable and becuase the router contains two 3G modules it can either do this with a cold start to switch to the second module and SIM card or can be configured for a Hot Start whereby both 3G module are actice at the same time allowing for a hot switch to the backup network if required ensuring the miniumum of disruption or downntime.  The H700 M2M Dual SIM 3G Router can also be configured to use both HSPA+ 3G connections at the same time using built-in load balancing, ideal for users that need additional bandwidth within a single dual SIM 3G Router.

The manufacturers of the Proroute 3G routers are so confident in their reliability that they offer an advance replacement warranty free of charge for all Proroute 3G routers in the UK.  This warranty covers hardware failure to ensure that customers and users of Proroute routers provide the best levels of customer service and satisfaction from a company that wants to deliver the same reliability and service as it’s products.

CCTV in a High Speed Mobile World

What is the future for Close Circuit TV with Mobile Broadband speeds reaching Fixed Broadband speeds in the near future?

Video is such a major part of our lives that we tend to take it for granted when it is all around us from the TVs in our homes to Youtube on our PCs and Smart Phones. But the expansion in speed in the Mobile world, 3G, UMTS, HSPA and 4G services is starting to open up possibilities that have never before been practical or even feasible.

Security services for example – On every corner in most major European cities you will find CCTV cameras but it is not so practical to put these systems into certain areas that would seriously benefit from monitoring and surveillance. High risk or secluded areas such as bus stops, remote storage, public vehicles and rural locations where data network availability has been limited or not even present. Wide area Broadband services now open up the possibility of providing a host of security services to remote locations and to bring back live video capture. Often legacy systems require local storage and some form of manual intervention to recover recordings. If a theft or attack is recorded the owner or authorities need to play catch up after the event to piece together the evidence. Not withstanding that the mobile operators need to offer suitable data packages for these applications it is certainly an application waiting for the service and there is a plethora of High Speed 4G CPE waiting to connect these networks. Broadband is no longer the exclusive domain of the fixed operators! There a host of legacy systems awaiting retrofit and more new systems to install which, too date, have been impractical to deploy. 4G is going to be a major contributor to making these systems a success.


Option unveils VIU2 – the revolutionary plug and play 3G camera.

VIU2 – Elegantly designed and easy to use 3G camera streams live high quality video and audio to a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Option, the wireless technology company, today announced the VIU2, the new mobile 3G camera that allows anyone to easily set up and manage their own professional-level security solution. This security solution is ideally suited for the surveillance of homes, warehouses, vacation homes, construction sites, offices and much more. The VIU² is the only plug & play stand-alone security solution that can stream live video and audio from anywhere to any device that has a connection to the Internet, making it unique in its kind.
Option VIU2 3G Camera 

The VIU2 is very easy to set-up and use. In reach of a mobile network, you just need to know how to plug in a power cable and to send an SMS to be up-and-running with the 3G camera. The user puts the 3G camera in the location he/she wants to monitor. He/she then activates and manages the surveillance camera through his/her personalized VIU2 webpage. When movement or sound is detected, the system automatically sends out a warning message through either SMS or e-mail to notify the user of the event.

The integrated VIU2 security service on the personalized webpage suits everybody’s needs: from a single camera, single user scenario to multi-camera setups where hundreds of users are able to watch the streams and receive notifications wherever they are. Additional services such as cloud storage of the most important motion detections clips or recordings for increased reliability are available as well.

The VIU2 is currently sampling to mobile operators with volume shipments scheduled for the second half of 2011. The complete security solution can be customized to fit the exact needs of the mobile operators and their sales channels. The applications for iOS® and for Android® based platforms will become available shortly.

Patrick Hofkens, Chief Development Officer at Option, commented: “As Option is focusing on developing end-to-end wireless solutions the VIU2 is a very good example of combining software & services, hardware and our core technology expertise of mobile broadband into a unique wireless solution. This solution provides mobile operators an additional way to commercialize mobile data services.”

Option VIU2 3G Camera

Stream Live Video from home to your smart phone

Key Benefits – VIU²

  • Live audio & video streaming on any type of mobile network
  • SMS and e-mail motion detection notifications
  • Record hi-res clips on SD card or on the server
  • Super-easy setup procedure, works on most 3G phones
  • Truly resilient solution: back-up battery and mobile data connection
  • Stunning Design

Hardware Specifiaction – VIU²

  • Built in microphone for noise detection
  • AAC Audio compression
  • 2 USB 2.0 type A ports
  • Ethernet port
  • 1 Gbit SDRAM
  • 256 Mbit ROM
  • SD Memory Card slot
  • Freescale based processor
  • Linux OS
  • 4 Tri colour LEDs
  • 2 push buttons (1 for power on, 1 software controlled)
  • Integrated replacable back-up battery (1000mAh), supports up to 2 hours of streaming

Video Performance – VIU²

  • Built in camera 640 x 480 (VGA) @ 30 fps
  • Software controlled motion detection
  • Low light condition (0.01 LUX) support
  • High performance H.264 Video compression
  • Video stream output H.264 176 x 144 (QCIF)  
  • up to 352 x 288 (CIF) for cell phone
  • Frame rate depends on available bandwidth (max 15 fps)
  • Full resolution, full framerate recording

Product incoporates iCON XY USB  for GSM/3G Network Connectivity.

The VIU2 will be available in the UK frow www.3grouterstore.co.uk