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Share your Mobile Broadband USB Modem with a 3G Router.

Many users of Mobile Broadband simply plug their 3G USB Modem into their laptop or PC and start surfing the web.  Hoever, if they also own a WiFi iPad and want to use their mobile broadband modem for this, then they can’t.  The same applies to other laptops or WiFi products in the house.  You could invest in a MiFi unit that runs on batteries and share the connection, but for the home this might ot give the best coverage and will not allow the connection on non WiFi devices.

The 3G Router is the answer to this problem of sharing a single USB 3G Modem, simply insert the modem into the router and you can nowconnect multiple devices using a wired or wireless connection.  The Option Globesurfer X1 is a great example of this type of solution.  When you plug in your 3G Dongle it provides WiFi for mobile devices and two Ethernet ports for wired connections.  The Globesurfer X.1 also feature an additional USB port for a USB Printer or memory stick for file or printer sharing.

Another 3G Router option is using an embedded 3G Router.  This simply means that the 3G technology is already inside the router so you just insert your mobile broadband SIM card and connect your PC’s or devices using the traditional Ethernet and WiFi interfaces.  The advantage of using an embedded 3G Router is that in most cases is is easier to connect an external antenna to help improve 3G signal reception in poor signal areas.  An embedded 3G router provides a more long term solution so is ideal for a home or business user that wants to use a 3G router to replace their ADSL broadband service.  Some embedded 3G Routers include a built-in ADSL router so they can be used as a normal ADSL Broadband router and automatically fail over to 3G in trhe event that the wired broadband services become unavailable.  This is especially useful for businesses that rely on their internet connection.  In fact, the Telecom FM Dataroute router has this built in functionality and even sends the user an SMS message when the router fails over to 3G to warn that the ADSL is down so the problem can be remedied. 

One of the problems faced by long term mobile broadband connections is the factthat mobile broadband providers have a tendency to drop the connection which requires the owner of the 3G router to reboot the router to re-establish the connection.  Many embedded 3G router manufacturers have tackled this problem by inlcuding some form of automatic reboot.  In the example of the Telecom Dataroute, when used in 3G mode only it will send a ping to an IP address on the internet at set intervals and if it does not receive a reply it will assume it has been disconnected and reboot and reconnect to the mobile broadband service.  This makes this type of embedded 3G router with Ping Reboot feature very reliable for M2M applications (Machine to Machine).  For example, a CCTV company that wants to remotely monitor some cameras can install a lower cost 3G Router mobile broadbad solution instead of an ADSL service and can remotely access their CCTV equipment via the 3G network, with the peace of mind that they can ensure a reliable, long term 3g connection.  Other M2M applications include digital signage ad remote monitoring and management applications.



Taking advantage of 3G Mobile Broadband with 3G USB Modems and 3G Routers

We found this useful article about the uses for 3G Mobile Broadband.  The article details how users can share their 3G USB Modem with multiple users and also provides information about how you can use a 3G Router to provide a wireless internet connection for remote offices or for M2M applications such as CCTV.  The article also provides information about the way that 3G Mobile Networks drop the connection and how the 3G Router manufacturers have provided innovative ways of ensuring that their 3G devices stay connected and available for critical business applications such as remote monitoring and management.

New 3G Router Store

Westlake Communications Ltd, a leading online retailer of Telecoms, GSM Gateways and 3G Routers has announced a new online store for 3G Routers and 3G Router Antennas and accessories.  Having recently aquired the domain name www.3grouter.com, Westlake Communications intends to increase its range of mobile broadband 3G Routers to provide value and choice for UK and worldwide customers.  The company currently offers a selction of popular 3G Routers such as the Teltonika RUT104 and RUT105, Billion 7800GZ, Option Globesurfer, Zalip and Sierra Wireless Routers through its existing online stores but intends to bring them all together wih a range of new 3G Routers, 3G Antennas, Mobile Broadband SIM Cards, Fixed IP SIM cards and relate products and services to provide a one stop shop.

The rise in popularity of mobile broadband applications has seen an increase in the demand for 3G Router products for applications such as Remote Monitoring and management, including IP CCT, as well as using 3G Routers for backup and disaster recovery for ADSL, SDSL and leased line internet services.

3G Router Sale

Westlake Communications Ltd have annouced the launch of their lowest priced embedded 3G Router.  At only £125.00 the Telecom FM Dataroute provides a multi-function 3G router for the home or business.  Combining an ADSL2/2+ ADSL Router, Embedded HSPA Router (7.2 Mbps Download / 5.76 Mbps Upload speeds), 802.11 n/b/g WiFi (Up to 300 Mpbs) and 4 Ethernet ports, the Telecom FM Dataroute truly is a great value product.

The unit is stocked and supported in the UK and at just £125.00 each this is sure to be a big selling item of 2011.

visit the 3G Router Store for more details and to order your embedded 3G Router now.

Teltonika RUT-105 HSUPA 3G Router replaces RUT-104

Teltonika have announced that the teltonika RUT-105 3G Router replaces the popular RUT-104 3G Router.  The new Teltonika RUT105 features a new 3G Module giving increased performance, whilst retaining all the features and simple operating interface of the RUT104.