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Infinity Wireless IW-021 21Mbps Dongle with WiFi Hotspot – The Next Generation USB HSPA+ 4G Modem

Get ready to upgrade your wireless broadband to the next generation of USB 4G Modems.  The Infinity Wireless IW-021 is the latest HSPA+ Modem offering mobile broadband connectivity for your laptop with lightning fast download speeds up to 21Mbps.  The IW021 uses the latest HSPA+ network technology to provide a 21Mbps Modem that simply plugs into the USB port of your laptop or PC and uses a contract or PAYG mobile broadband SIM card and there is zero configuration required becuase the IW-021 21MBps Dongle updates it’s database of network APN settings from a central database on a daily basis.

Infinity Wireless IW-021 4G Modem / HSPA+ 21Mbps Dongle

However, not content with just providing a super fast 21Mbps Modem, Infinity Wireless (formerly LM Technologies) decided that their users should be able to share their high speed 4G Modem connection so introduced their Mi-Finity software that turns the IW-021 4G Modem into a high speed WiFi Hotspot so now you can share your wireless broadband connection with up to six devices.  So now you are getting a high speed 21Mbps Modem and a 4G wireless hotspot modem for the same price that you would typically pay for an old 3G USB Modem.

The Infinity Wireless IW-021 will take  mobile broadband to the next level offering fast mobile broadband download speeds and the ability to share your connection and we think that at just £49.00 + VAT it is an easy choice to upgrade your old 3G modem and start taking advantage of the next generation mobile broadband.

The Infinity Wireless IW-021 4G Modem will be available mid July 2012  from the 3G Router Store.

4G Modem

The Option iCON 711 is the latest 4G Modem available in the UK.  The iCON711 is a HSPA+ Modem which means that it can work with the HSPA+ Networks in the UK to provide download speeds up to 21Mbps.

4G Modem

This 21Mbps Modem simply connects into the USB port of your Laptop or PC and provides high speed mobile broadband connectivity.  We tested the iCON711 4G Modem with the three network and got 11Mbps download speed which we were very impressed with.

You can also plug the iCON711 into a suitable 4G Router or Travel Router that has a USB slout for the connection of a 3G or 4G USB Modem to enable your HSPA+ Mobile Broadband Connection to be shared between multiple wired or wireless users.  By using the iCON711 4G Modem with a 4G router you can create a wireless hotspot and enjoy the benefits of 4G mobile broadband.

The iCON 711 USB 4G Modem also features a TS9 Antenna Connector which converts the TS9 connection to an SMA Antenna connection so you can connect a 4G Antenna to boost your 4G signal reception.

The Road to 4G services

What is the situation with 4G services in the UK and what are we really waiting for?

UK users are going to have to wait a bit longer for 4G as the auctions for providing services is scheduled for late 2012 with first launch only possible in 2013 although this would appear impractical.

But what are we really waiting for?

3G services have rolled into 3.5G services and even 3.9G services, which are not standards as such but variations on the theme of the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) release schedule. These mid services primarily support HSDPA and HSUPA High Speed Download Packet Access and High Speed Upload Packet Access , The download offering promises speeds towards the terminal of 1.8, 3.6, 7.2 and 14.0Megabit/s. This is not a symmetrical offering and the upload speed is offering a new bearer of 384 kbit/s. The previous maximum bearer was 128 kbit/s. HSUPA or the HSPA offers up-link speeds of up to 5.76 Mbit/s. The name HSUPA was created incidentally by Nokia.

However, this is an ideal view of the world and in practice the speeds achieved are woefully short of this but let’s keep the view ‘blue sky’ for the moment.

In summary, 4G or 4TH Generation services offer a Peak data rates of up to 100 Mbit/s for high mobility and up to approximately 1 Gbit/s for low mobility such as local wireless access. Then it starts to get really very technical as to how this quantum leap in speeds is achieved with super efficient frequency modulation and various advanced radio techniques but maybe we will come back to this at a later date to try to unravel what it is and why it can promise so much. Further analysis is also required of the industry politics the other challenges in providing these super fast access speeds which 10 years ago would have been unthinkable. The bottle neck is going to move out of the access interface and into the core network and that is going to be a considerable challenge to the mobile operators as up until now they could blame everything else for slow response. There is a way to go yet for terminal and network, but as we always say, it can only get better in the future and the future is….well yes, yet to be discovered.

4G Travel Router

Mobile Broadband is booming in the UK.  With the increasing availability of high speed mobile broadband and the latest HSPA+ networks offering extra fast download speeds, more and more people are turing to mobile broadband to deliver high speed internet connectivity whilst on the go and increasingly to replace traditional wired ADSL broadband services in the home.

Mobile broadband users now have a wide choice of hardware solutions to enable them to connect single or multiple devices to a single mobile broadband SIM card, and one of the most popular of recent months has been the Travel Router.

The Travel Router can come in several forms, the first being a router with a USB port so that you can plug your 3G Modem, HSPA+ Modem or 4G Modem into the router and share your connection with several PC’s or wireless devices.  An example of this type of router is the Zoom 4501 Router.

The second type of travel router is a battery powered router that you insert the SIM card directly into.  This type of travel router, commonly known as a MiFi or Myfi router will provide wireless connectivity for several devices and usually has a battery life of 3-4 hours.  a battery powered travel router is great for travelling and products like the ZTE MF60 and Zoom 4506 travel Routers are great examples of this type of router.

ZTE MF60 is a great example of a 4G Travel Router

Many Travel routers are now available using the lastest HSPA+ network technology offering download speeds of up to 21Mbps, and 4G routers that have the USB port for connection of a USB modem can utilise different modems so you could use your existing 3G Modem and then change the modem to a HSPA+ Modem or 4G Modem when you have access to the new high speed mobile broadband networks as they are rolled out in the UK.


LM Technologies announce the launch of LM021 HSPA+ USB 4G Modem

The LM Technologies LM021 3.8G HSPA+ USB modem is an unlocked 3G modem with a CRC9 Port providing worldwide roaming and connectivity, so there are no contract ties to worry about – you can use any sim card from any of the operators worldwide and switch between them.

LM021 4G Modem
The modem has an external antenna port. This enables the modem to connect to our 3 dBi external antenna (LM256). With this antenna attached, there is up to a 25% signal boost – meaning that the LM003 will stay connected in more remote or built up locations for longer.
Setup is easy as the software is installed directly from flash memory on the modem itself – no CD-Rom required. Offering a 21.6Mbps download rate and up to 5.6Mbps upload rate anywhere in the world via your 3G SIM Card.

A micro-SD slot on the LM021 4G modem now accepts a memory card for up to 16 GB (Gigabytes) of memory. A simple slide-in of a micro-SD memory card allows the modem to double as a flash drive to maximize the flexibility of available USB ports.

LM021 Features

  • Unlocked High Speed Mobile Broadband Modem
  • CRC9 port for external antenna usage – upto 25% signal boost with the LM256
  • Quad-Band Class 12 GSM / GPRS / EDGE Wireless Mobile Broadband Modem
  • High Speed Download – up to 21.6 Mbps and High Speed Upload up to 5.76 Mbps
  • Supports – GSM bands 850Mhz / 900Mhz / 1800Mhz / 1900MHz
  • Supports – HSUPA UMTS bands 2100MHz   – 3GPP TS 27.005 / 3GPP TS 27.007 supported
  • Full USB v2.0 compatible device
  • Micro SD Card Slot (16 GB max)
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS 10.4.9 -10.6

The LM Technologies LM021 4G Modemis a great value mobile broadband USB Modem from a reliable and trusted brand.  The LM021 4G Modem will be shipped with LM Technologies new Connection Manager Software. One of the features on the CM will be that the 4G dongle will turn the Laptop or PC into a Hotspot which will allow 5 other devices to share the internet from one dongle and one data SIM.

The LM021 is due for launch in the UK in April 2012.