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Panasonic expand their DECT Phone Range with the KX-WT115 Entry Level DECT Phone

Panasonic have added an entry level handset to their range of Integrated DECT Handsets.  The Panasonic KX-WT115 works alongside the KX-TCA175, KX-TCA275 and the Rugged KX-TCA364 DECT Handsets and connect to the Panasonic DECT Base Stations providing a great value wireless telephony solution for the range of Panasonic Phone Systems.

Panasonic KX-WT115 Entry Level DECT Handset

The Panasonic KXWt115 DECT Handset will work with the Panasonic KX-TDA, KX-NCP and KX-TDE business telephone systems in conjunction with the integrated DECT base stations.

Panasonic DECT Product replacement

Panasonic are soon to replace the 2ch (KX-TDA0141) & 4ch (KX-TDA0142) DECT cell stations.

The 2ch cell station will be replaced by the KX-TDA0155 and the 4ch cell station will be replaced by the KX-TDA0156.

KX-TDA0155 DECT Base Station for use with Panasonic Phone Systems