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Landline to Mobile Call Charges Slashed to 4.5 ppm

The cost of calling mobile phones is now only 4.5 ppm with Westlake Communications new low cost business telephone call plan.

Traditionally the cost of calling mobiles has always been high, but recent regulation has caused a big price drop for business users that want to reduce the cost of calling mobile phones.  Until recently the average cost to call a mobile phone was around 8 ppm, so this new price is almost 50% cheaper.

Companies that have wanted to reduce their landline to mobile call charges were forced to use a GSM Gateway which was a piece of hardware that could be connected to a business telephone system and used a mobile phone SIM card to enable calls to be made using more competitive mobile to mobile call tariffs.  Using a GSM gateway could reduce business calls to mobiles to around 4 ppm so this new low call charge to mobile phones of only 4.5ppm makes the use of a GSM Gateway obsolete for call cost reduction.

GSM gateways are still widely used as alternatives to telephone lines for remote or temporary offices and also to propvide convenient telephone connectivity for applications such as alarms (lift alarms, care alarms etc) or for connection to a stand alone telephone for expample as part of a taxi phone solution.

Call charges to mobile phones are set to drop even further over the next two years with calls as low as 2 ppm in 2014.


Fax over GSM is not a new concept, with the service being available in the UK since 1994.  The GSM Fax service really took off in the UK in 1996 when Nokia launched the Nokia 9000 Communicator, which enabled the user of this early smartphone to receive and view faxes on it’s LCD display.  The Nokia 9000 could also enable the user to type a fax and send it to a normal fax machine.

Since then the GSM Fax service offered by the mobile phone networks has not changed a great deal becuase it is such a bsic service offering – the only slight improvement has been the availability of GSM Fax Terminals such as the telecom FM Cellfax Plus.  A SIM Card is inserted into the Cellfax unit which then provides a connection to enable a standard analogue fax machine to be conected to enable faxes to be sent and received just like using a standard PSTN analogue telephone line.

This means tht temporary or mobile offices can still take advantage of the GSM Fax service offered by the mobile phone networks, providing convenience for when you really do need to send or receive a fax in this age of e-mail.  GSM Fax terminals are widely used by construction companies and are finding an increased use aboard ships and other marine work and pleasure craft.