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Fax over GSM is not a new concept, with the service being available in the UK since 1994.  The GSM Fax service really took off in the UK in 1996 when Nokia launched the Nokia 9000 Communicator, which enabled the user of this early smartphone to receive and view faxes on it’s LCD display.  The Nokia 9000 could also enable the user to type a fax and send it to a normal fax machine.

Since then the GSM Fax service offered by the mobile phone networks has not changed a great deal becuase it is such a bsic service offering – the only slight improvement has been the availability of GSM Fax Terminals such as the telecom FM Cellfax Plus.  A SIM Card is inserted into the Cellfax unit which then provides a connection to enable a standard analogue fax machine to be conected to enable faxes to be sent and received just like using a standard PSTN analogue telephone line.

This means tht temporary or mobile offices can still take advantage of the GSM Fax service offered by the mobile phone networks, providing convenience for when you really do need to send or receive a fax in this age of e-mail.  GSM Fax terminals are widely used by construction companies and are finding an increased use aboard ships and other marine work and pleasure craft.

Mobile Extension – O2 opens up new markets

With the introduction of the O2 Explicit Call Transfer service , a new market has opened up in the UK for the deployment of Mobile Extensions and Mobile PBX Phone System Solutions. 

If you’re a Mobex, Groupworker, Groupworker Plus or Best For Business customer, you can transfer calls from your mobile just as you would from your office landline.Here is the link to the O2 website that details how you can transfer calls from your O2 Mobile phone to another O2 mobile phone or landline service.

This is not a new service and many mobile phones have the ability to use the call transfer service and this service has been available in other countries for some time.  In fact many companies use this feature in conjunction with a GSM Desk Phone to provide a simple phone system solution for temporary or remote offices such as construction sites.

Surge in popularity of GSM Gateways for small business users

GSM Gateways have seen a surge of popularity due to the increase of Mobile Extension.  Many new phone systems include Mobile Extension capability that enable inbound calls to the PBX to be routed out on another line to a mobile phone and enable the remote user to answer the call as well as provide the capability of transferring that call back to other PBX extensions. 

Normally this process would use a second ISDN line to call the mobile phone, which would mean high call charges to use the Mobile Extension Facility.  By using a suitable ISDN or VoIP GSM Gateway and a mobile Phone Plan that provides free calls between users on the same plan, these Mobile Extension Calls can be made free of charge.

For telephone systems that do not have Mobile Extension functionality built-in there are GSM Gateways available that can connect between the telephone system and the telephone lines and provide mobile extension functionality, wihout the expense of upgrading the whole telephone system. 

The Telecom FM Onestream is a great example of  a GSM Mobile Extension Gateway providing mobile extension functionality for analogue and ISDN2 phone systems as well as providing the additional benefit of having a built in VoIP Gateway to enable the same Analogue or ISDN2 telephone system to make calls using a VoIP Telephone provider (SIP Trunk).