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Vodafone One Net Tops 10,000 Users In UK

Vodafone claims UK sales of OneNet have passed 10,000 users and 1,000 business contracts.  Vodafone is upping its marketing spend to help emulate international success.

The success of the Vodafone OneNet product lies in the market trend for smaller businesses to move to a hosted telephony solution for their business communications and paying a small monthly access charge for each telephone extension.  This type of hosted telephone system has already been popular over the last few years and has seen a growing base of small businesses converting to the latest VoIP technology and because the hosted telephony solution is almost the same as having a mobile phone contract where you pay a monthly service charge then it makes sense that the Vodafone Onenet service which combines both VoIP and GSM extensions should do so well.

The other advantage that Vodafone has with it’s OneNet business telephony solution is the fact that it can deliver calls over VoIP and GSM so for office users that do not  have a great broadband connection to enable quality VoIP calls they can use a mobile phone connection for each telephone extension.  You might think that using a mobile phone every day as your office phone might put off many potential users, but with the option of using a 3G Desk Phone such as the Huawei ETS6630 or the new Telecom FM 3G Desk Phone the office user can have a desktop style GSM phone that they can use with the Vodafone OneNet GSM solution.


Huawei ETS6630 3G Desk Phone

The Huawei ETS6630 is a popular 3G Desk Phone but what has made the GSM Desk Phone so popular?

Huawei ETS6630

Many users of GSM Desk Phones and 3G Desk Phones are using mobile phone based telephone systems such as the Vodafone One Net which enables mobile phone users to be an extension on a virtual PBX.  What better way to be an office based worker using the Vodafone One Net GSM service than by using a mobile phone disguised as a desktop phone.

The Huawei ETS6630 is a great example of this type of 3G desktop telephone becuase it inlcudes programmable feature keys that can be used to provide one touch access to the network features or can be programmed as speed dial keys for your most popular numbers.

You would be surprised at the variety of GSM Desk Phones and 3G Desk Phones available and they are selling in the thousands.  A quick look on Google will bring up results for many companies offering GSM Desk Phones for a variety of applications.  Apart from the moble phone PBX application for these types of GSM Telephones, they are also used to provide a wireless Taxi Phone solution so Taxi firms can position a telephone in a convenient location such as a supermarket, hospital, pub, hotel, college or train station, in fact anywhere where a potential customer want want to call for a private hire taxi.  The Taxi companies utilise built-in features of the GSM Desk Phone such as Hot Dial (also called baby call) that automatically dials the preset taxi office number when the handset is lifted.  The DPH500 is a very popular Taxi Phone with over 1000 telephones already in use with more being installed every day.

Expect to see the Huawei ETS6630 3G Desk Phone and other GSM and 3G Desk Phones in the course of your business becasue they are becomming very popular in our increasingly mobile workplace.


GTECH 104 GSM Desk Phone

The GTECH104 is a multi-functional business telephone that uses a SIM card to make and receive calls instead of plugging into a traditional telephone line.  The GTECH 104 is essentially a mobile phone in the guise of a deskphone.

GTECH 104 GSM Desk Phone

There are many GSM Desk Phones available in the UK and many are used for telesales, temporary office, security and Taxi Phones, but the GTECH 104 provides additional features that make it ideal for use as a single communications device for a small office or temporary or remote office such as a construction site office.  The GTECH104 can connect to additional extension phones using the built-in DECT wireless capabilities and also acts as a WiFi hotspot to enable PC and laptop users to connect to share 3G mobile broadband connectivity.

The GTECH 104 is priced at around £250.00 for the base unit so is more expensive than standard GSM Desk Phones such as the DPH500 but is an all rounder and is sure to find a loyal following in the UK.

Burnside P355

The Burnside P355 is the latest model in our P300 range of GSM desk phones designed for the wireless office and home. These combine the simplicity of a landline phone with the flexibility of a mobile phone. Any standard mobile SIM is all that is required for instant connection to the network. The Burnside P355 includes features that are not available on ordinary handheld phones, but are essential to efficient office phone communications.

Burnside P355

Anyone can install the P355 and use it without having to read a manual. The large keys are easy to see and select without making a mistake. Just dial a number and pick up the handset for a fast connection. When it rings, just pick up the handset or press the handsfree key.

The P355 includes many features that are not available on ordinary handheld mobiles but are helpful for call management. For example, Burnside Easy Call Transfer allows incoming calls to be transferred by the user to any other phone (Subject to network) . Handsfree answering, headset and call recording options provide convenience in a very wide range of applications. Microsoft TAPI compatibility allows power dialling from computer-based applications.

P355 Desk Phone Features

– Quad-band GSM for worldwide phone, SMS and Internet connections
– Easier and quicker to install, with lower call costs than landlines
– Clear visual display, for easy set up and use without a manual
– Excellent voice quality, using Burnside Crystal technology
– External antenna works in areas where GSM signal is poor
– Advanced office phone features, including Easy Call Transfer
– SMS send and receive from the phone keypad or your PC
– Accommodates plug-in headset or Bluetooth connection
– Handsfree operation with built-in loudspeaker
– Power supply with integral battery backup provides constant availability
– Permanent, shareable and reliable resource
– Optional wall mounting accessory for safety and security
– Lead-free RoHS compliant
– Designed, manufactured and supported in the UK


Teltonika launch low cost GSM Desk Phone DPH101

Teltonika have announced the launch of a new entry level GSM Desk Phone to compliment their existing range of GSM Deskphones.  The Teltonika DPH101 is designed for mass deployment and will work on all standard 2G (900/1800 Mhz) mobile phone networks which include O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange in the UK.  This phone is ideal for products such as Vodafone One Fixed Mobile Telephony solution.

Clarity adds entry level IP phone to range

The Clarity 1000 series of entry level IP handsets offer a traditional and ergonomically designed handset with all the benefits associated to IP Telephony. An affordable cost to deploy the Clarity 1000 series is the ideal choice for high volume deployments in to the private and public sector markets.