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Panasonic NS1000 Phone System Pricing Announced

Panasonic have released the prices of their exciting new NS1000 SIP Phone System.


The Panasonic NS1000 is a leading edge business communications platform utilising the latest SIP VoIP communications technology to deliver business class telecommunications for all businesses.  The NS1000 is suitable for all types of business including small business, medium business and large corporate.  With it’s flexible licensing and integration options the Panasonic NS1000 Phone System is sure to help Panasonic continue it’s success in the business phone system marketplace that it has led for over 20 years in the UK.

For details about the NS1000, please click here to view the KX-NS1000 UCC starter bundles where you can also download the full RRP price list showing all the available system components and licensing prices.


BNS Distribution Appointed as UK 3CX Distributor

BNS Distribution, the leading UK distributor of Grandstream IP Phones, has now partnered with 3CX to offer low-cost business phone systems to the SMB market.

3CX has appointed BNS as a UK distributor. BNS (http://www.bnsdistribution.co.uk), a leading distributor of the Grandstream product line in the UK, will be promoting the complete range of 3CX and Grandstream products. This partnership allows BNS to provide businesses a phone system solution that offers quality whilst reducing monthly telephone and admin costs.

Following on from the latest 3CX / Grandstream press release (see here for more details – http://www.3cx.com/blog/news/3cx-selects-grandstream-as-preferred-phones/), BNS will offer full 3CX support and training for UK-based dealers and resellers.

Low-Cost Phone System Bundles

Existing and potential BNS resellers can expect to reap the rewards of the 3CX and BNS partnership by taking advantage of additional discounts. “By combining the 3CX and Grandstream product ranges, we are confident that the partnership with 3CX offers our existing and prospective accounts the best business phone system features at just the right price. We will be informing our resellers with regards to the various discounts that will be available,” said Lee Sinclair.

For more information on BNS becoming the UK distributor for 3CX, visit the 3CX Blog  – http://www.3cx.com/blog/news/bns-added-as-uk-distributor-3cx.

Snom One Plus

Snom have announced the launch of their new IP PBX hardware appliance – the SnomOne Plus.

Snom One Plus

Snom One Plus

The snom one plus is available in two sizes, the entry level snom one yellow plus for up to 20 extensions and the snom one blue plus for up to 150 extensions.  The snom one plus VoIP phone system uses sangoma cards to provide anale, ISDN2e or ISDN30e connectivity to enable easy connection to existing lines and also connects to SIP trunks.

The snom one plus phone system integrates seamlessly with the snom IP phones providing a plug and play installation.

For users who want to try out the features, functionality and quality of the snom one phone system, the snom one free for up to 10 extensions is available to download and run on Windows, Linus or Mac OS and provides a fully functioning PC based IP PBX.

McWilliams Communications The complete VOIP Specailists Launch IPGENIE VOIP ROVER

IPGENIE VOIP ROVER On the iPhone 3&4 and Android mobile VOIP client.

IPGENIE UCP (Unified Communications Platform) offers a true UC (Unified Communications) package to the end user by offering a complete end to end solution.

The iPHONE and Android Edition is a highly secure, standards-based mobile VoIP Client that works over both 3G and Wi-Fi networks.

Using the device’s existing contact list, iPHONE and Android Edition facilitates easy and effective communication management with an easy to use interface. Desk top-class calling functionality which includes the ability to hold and transfer between two calls, conference calls and perform all of the other features the IPGENIE UCP offers.

The iPhone and Android Edition incorporates advanced security settings which allow for secure call signalling. It also contains enhanced audio features including 711a/u,, GSM.G729 (Additional license required) The Android Edition requires Android 2.1 or later and has been tested, and is fully supported, on the following devices. Please note that the Android Edition may operate well on other non-supported devices.

•     HTC EVO
•     HTC Incredible
•     HTC Desire
•     Nexus One
•     Samsung Galaxy S (i9000, Epic, Vibrant, Fascinate, Captivate)
•     Motorola Droid 1,2,x
•     Motorola Charm

In addition to the above IPGENIE offers a call back* feature an enhanced service for the Blackberry handset or other mobiles which cuts mobile roaming charges whilst travelling around the world.

It is a simple and effective way of communicating to work colleagues or customers by using IPGENIE We simply set up an internal DDI (direct dial inward), you dial the ddi from the Blackberry handset IPGENIE will hang up your call and then call you back, you enter a secure PIN number and you will have access to the IPGENIE system this will enable you to dial an internal extension to a colleague or make a local or international call from the IPGENIE saving on mobile roaming charges.

*Note Call back can also be used from any landline telephone line.

IP Genie moves to centre stage

The global economic downturn has increased the urgency among companies of all sizes to reduce costs and find smarter and more efficient ways to do business. From our perspective, this imperative is moving VoIP and open-source telecom solutions, like IPGENIE UCP, to centre stage.

Clearly, the march to VoIP – among customers and carriers – began before the current worldwide economic crisis. Still, for us and other VoIP providers business is brisk as more and more companies rush to implement VoIP solutions. Enterprise customers in growing numbers are turning to VoIP for inter-branch, intra-company calling while more and more call centre’s, hotels and SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses) rely on it for all inbound and outbound international calls.

Another smarter, less expensive way to do business is open-source telephony – specifically, IPGENIE UCP. So far this year, we’ve noted increased awareness and acceptance of IPGENIE UCP among customers in England & Northern Ireland We’ve even seeing PBX procurements by multinational companies where IPGENIE is being considered side-by-side with Cisco and Avaya.

The reason is simple: IPGENIE is a flexible, scalable and reliable solution that offers the same advanced features and functionality as proprietary PBXs but at a fraction of the cost. For these reasons, IPGENIE now has a seat at the table.

In Europe, we’re also seeing keen interest in IPGENIE but for one additional reason: the large, installed base of Nortel PBX. For many years, Nortel was the PBX that many installed for customers throughout the country. Many of these switches are at or near the end of the product’s life-cycle. Compounding the normal anxiety over switch replacement is Nortel’s bankruptcy filing earlier this year. In the meantime, customers are worried about replacement parts upgrades and service and many of them are turning to IPGENIE.

We expect an even stronger second half of the year in IP PBX. In any case, we believe VoIP is moving to centre stage and IPGENIE is right behind it.

VOIspeed connectivity with iPhone, Android and Nokia phones

Using a WiFi connection, you can pick-up, hold and transfer calls in the office and stay in touch with your colleagues for free! With a SIP client calls will be routed to other extensions via your LAN just like all other internal calls. As for the external calls, you can also make low cost calls to international destinations using the VOIspeed VoIP carrier.

Key advantages of using VOIspeed with your smartphone:

  • Receive calls for your business on your mobile device*
  • Make free calls to other internal users*
  • Reduce the cost of your mobile calls to external national and international destinations via VOIspeed SIP carrier
  • Automatically upload all your contacts from your mobile phone directory or Outlook and call them via VOIspeed
  • See the list of all calls made or recieved on your smartphone
  • Hold and transfer calls to all internal extensions

VOIspeed Tip: Make the most of your smart-phone by adding another extension number fully dedicated to your smartphone. This means, for example, that when you leave the office you can set your extension to Voicemail mode, so that any unanswered business calls are automatically diverted to your Voicemail.

* Your smartphone must be within the WiFi area. As for 3G, please check with your service provider that they allow VoIP calls over SIP protocol.

IP GENIE Launched – Is is everything you wished for?

McWilliams Communications Ltd The complete VoIP Specialists July 2nd Coleraine Northern Ireland The communication revolution The telephone has been waiting for:

IPGENIE pure voice over broadband unified communications platform.

Since 2003 two brothers Sean and Paul McWilliams have been developing a new and exciting business VOIP telephony product which is built and designed in the UK , with 40 years of telecoms experience between them they have released IPGENIE a totally unlicensed unified communications platform which is set to take on the major players in the Telecoms marketplace all over the world.

VOIP (Voice over the internet protocol) is set to become a marketplace leader as businesses strive to make savings and unify there communications, one of the challenges of VOIP is the quality of the voice call a lot of VoIP providers and suppliers of IP TELEPHONY use G711 which gives a voice call quality of between 60-80K which businesses will not except in the day to day running as it gives jitter on the call. IPGENIE is set to challenge this as the call is sent out over 15k per voice call and prides itself on crystal clear communications not only that all the features and functions that are normally licensed with a product are integrated within IPGENIE and is set to save companies thousands of pounds on licensing and landline rentals of up to 60% by moving onto the new protocol SIP (Session Initiation protocol).

By using a standard broadband and an upstream of 256k IPGENIE can achieve 6 channels or lines by going over one connection this can be expanded depending on the upstream this will abolish the need for legacy ISDN 2/30 CHANNELS and so it will mean the end user will reduce their line rentals by using one analogue line and a broadband.

IPGENIE has already had success by installing various field trails across the UK and appointed various dealers in England and Northern Ireland who are also having success with the product.


VoIP Store Launches Panasonic KX-NCP Options IP Phone System

VoIP Store have announced the launch of their Panasonic KX-NCP Options the easy way to buy a Panasonic IP Phone System for small businesses.  Simply select what type of telephone lines you would like to connect to the system and then choose your handsets.  The system can then be delivered for a quick and easy installation by the end user or for a small installation charge a qualified engineer can install the system and provide user training.

Panasonic KX-NCP Options IP Phone System

Initially there are two basic configurations:-

KX-NCP Option One – Analogue Lines

  • 4 x Analogue Telephone Lines
  • 4 x SIP Trunks (VoIP Telephone Lines)
  • 8 x Analogue Extensions (for normal analogue phones, fax machines, modems, conference phones and PDQ machines)
  • 8 x IP Extensions (using the KX-NT300 and KX-NT400 IP Phones for easy deployment on the LAN)
  • Built in voicemail for each user
  • Auto Attendat (Press 1 for sales etc)

KX-NCP Option Two – ISDN2 Lines

  • 2 x ISDN2 Telephone Lines (4 channels)
  • 4 x SIP Trunks (VoIP Telephone Lines)
  • 8 x Analogue Extensions (for normal analogue phones, fax machines, modems, conference phones and PDQ machines)
  • 8 x IP Extensions (using the KX-NT300 and KX-NT400 IP Phones for easy deployment on the LAN)
  • Built in voicemail for each user
  • Auto Attendat (Press 1 for sales etc)

Additional telephone line expansion cards are available to increase the systems to 8 lines, with the option to either have all analogue or isd2 lines, or to have 4 x analaogue lines and 4 channels of ISDN.  The SIP Trunk capacity can also be extended to 8 x SIP Trunks with an optional license key making the Panasonic KX-NCP a great starter phone system that can grow with your business.

Additional IP Phones can be added with a simple activation key to provide a maximum of 16 x IP Extensions and if required the system can also work with standard SIP Phones and Devices, again juswith an additional SIP Extension Activation Key.

An Integrated IP DECT base station is also available enabling the use of integrated system DECT cordless phones.

The range of system IP phones that work with the KX-NCP VoIP Telephone System provide a good choice from the entry level KX-NT321 right through to the KX-NT400 Executive IP Phone with Touch Screen Display.


KX-NT321 IP Phones

The KX-NT321 is an entry level IP phone with a single line LCD display and 8 x programmable feature / line keys.


KX-NT343 IP Phones

The KX-NT343 IP phone has a 3 line LCD display and 24 x programmable feature / line keys.


KX-NT346 IP Phone

The KX-NT346 IP Phone has a large 6 line LCD display and 24 programmable feature / line keys.


KX-NT366 IP Phone

The KX-NT366 IP Phone has a large 6 line LCD display and 12 x programmable Feature / Line keys with an self labelling keys and a next page button enabling up to 48 programmable feature / line keys.


KX-NT400 IP Phone

The KX-NT400 IP Phone features a multi-function touch screen display that can also be used to view a live video feed from a compatible Panasonic IP Camera.

ProTalk Launch IP Door Phones

ProTalk VoIP Door Entry System Range

The ProTalk SIP Door Entry system consists of a door phone unit designed to sit on the outside of your premises plus a series of optional additional parts to make a complete door entry solution.  These high quality IP Door Entry units are available in one or two button versions with our without IP camera.

IP Door Entry - SIP Door Phone

These slimline SIP Door Phone units measure just 40mm in depth and comprise a SIP telephone, integrated speaker and microphone. There are single and dual button models available either with or without cameras.

The SIP Door Phone system can be set into day or night modes with different call numbers for the single or dual buttons.

If you want to identify who is at your door before you answer the phone or before letting them in, then the door phone is available with a built-in IP camera supporting up to 640×480 video at 5fps. This video can be viewed in a web browser, a free stand alone PC application or on the screen of a compatible IP phone.

Usage scenarios

They can be deployed as:

  • Office door phone with on-site or hosted IP-PBX, full access control
  • Remote site entry over Internet
  • Apartment/flat intercom with door access control

The Protalk IP Door Entry System is priced at around £325.00 is is available now.

New IP system for the Broads

A LEADING North West based telecommunications provider has transformed communications in the Broads Authority after using cutting edge technology to successfully install a brand new system.

Octagon Communications, which supplies installs and maintains a full range of business telecommunications systems, installed the large VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) suite for the Broads Authority – with the system now linking up six tourist information centres and three field bases across the Broads National park

The new technology, consisting of two phone systems 12 miles apart now enables all tourist information systems to be linked together in one.

The main pull of this system is that the broads can now accurately track statistics for all calls allowing them to gauge popular periods of the day, week, month and year.

Bill Housden, Head of IT & Collector of tolls for the Broads Authority, said:

“This new system has brought about massive change for the authority.

We have gone from using a very inflexible system to one that is now extremely flexible.

“The benefits this system has given us are wide reaching – we can now make calls across our sites without being charged, staff can move desks quickly and easily without problems being caused by changing telephones and internet technology can be used to deliver voice messages across sites. We can also use the technology to help collect statistics which will be invaluable in helping us shape our services for the future. ”

Bill Housden added that the installation of the system had also enabled the authority to make huge savings because they now have much greater control over their telecommunications due to the flexibility this system brings.

Speaking about Octagon Communication, Bill added:

“The installation of the system went very smoothly and quickly. We were extremely pleased with the work undertaken by Octagon Communications and have found the company to be both helpful and reliable. The aftercare has also been excellent and we have been delighted with the service.”

For Wigan based Octagon Communications this latest success sees their third installation of a system of this kind. And, Octagon beat off huge companies including BT and Cisco, to win the tender.

Roy Parry, Managing Director for Octagon Communications, said:

“We have previously installed IP systems in Pembrokeshire and Snowdonia successfully and our reputation for being fast and efficient proceeded us, enabling Octagon to gain this latest contract with the Broads Authority.

“IP technology is at the very cutting edge and has made a huge difference to our customers like the Broads Authority – the installation of this system now means that callers can be transferred to different tourist information offices without having to ring another telephone number.”

Stating that IP business telephone systems provide sophisticated communications features for businesses of all sizes, Roy Parry, added:

“This technology provides one integrated system for all office locations by networking multiple systems to work together. The voice over system incorporates telephone calls, and voice messages being sent via the internet.”

Roy believes that Octagon has a huge advantage over other companies offering similar technologies:

“Because Octagon is a small firm and we operate a very personalised and friendly service. We provide excellent follow-up customer care as we know how important this is to our clients, particularly when the system is new and they are developing their understanding of it.”

To find out more about Octagon Communications and the range of telecommunications systems they have on offer, including IP technology, visit www.octagoncommunications.co.uk