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Three Launch Huawei E5331 Value HSPA+ MiFi Wireless Hotspot Travel Router

Three have announced the launch of the Huawei E5331, a new MiFi unit which provides wireless broadband connectivity for multiple users with WiFi connectivity.

Huawei E5331 MiFi       


The Huawei E5331 MiFi uses the latest HSPA+ mobile broadband technology to provide faster download speeds and this value MiFi is cheaper than the slower HSPA MiFi predecessors.

Huawei E5331 Features

  • High Speed 3G/4G MiFi 21.1Mbps Download/ 5.76 Upload HSPA+
  • GSM bands: UMTS 2100
  • Weight: 82g
  • Battery performance: Up to 4 hours with 5 users connected, standby 280 hours (HB7A1H Battery)

 CLICK HERE for more information and pricing about the Huawei E5331


ZTE MF80 4G Modem 42Mbps Wireless Hotspot Travel Router

The new ZTE MF80 is the latest DC HSPA+ router providing up to 42Mbps modem download speeds. The ZTE MF80 is a 4G Router that creates a wireless hotspot so you can connect up to 10 wireless devices and share your high speed mobile broadband.

O2 are due to roll out their DC HSPA+ network towards the end of 2012 so it won’t be long before you can start to enjoy super fast mobile broadband with this 4G Travel Router. In fact the ZTE MF80 will work with existing HSPA+ networks so you can enjoy around 14Mbps download speeds or just buy the ZTE MF60 21Mbps 3G router which should be plenty fast enough for your mobile browsing especially when most 3G data plans are capped at 15Gb which means that you will not be using these modems as your primary Internet service for the time being.

4G Travel Router

Mobile Broadband is booming in the UK.  With the increasing availability of high speed mobile broadband and the latest HSPA+ networks offering extra fast download speeds, more and more people are turing to mobile broadband to deliver high speed internet connectivity whilst on the go and increasingly to replace traditional wired ADSL broadband services in the home.

Mobile broadband users now have a wide choice of hardware solutions to enable them to connect single or multiple devices to a single mobile broadband SIM card, and one of the most popular of recent months has been the Travel Router.

The Travel Router can come in several forms, the first being a router with a USB port so that you can plug your 3G Modem, HSPA+ Modem or 4G Modem into the router and share your connection with several PC’s or wireless devices.  An example of this type of router is the Zoom 4501 Router.

The second type of travel router is a battery powered router that you insert the SIM card directly into.  This type of travel router, commonly known as a MiFi or Myfi router will provide wireless connectivity for several devices and usually has a battery life of 3-4 hours.  a battery powered travel router is great for travelling and products like the ZTE MF60 and Zoom 4506 travel Routers are great examples of this type of router.

ZTE MF60 is a great example of a 4G Travel Router

Many Travel routers are now available using the lastest HSPA+ network technology offering download speeds of up to 21Mbps, and 4G routers that have the USB port for connection of a USB modem can utilise different modems so you could use your existing 3G Modem and then change the modem to a HSPA+ Modem or 4G Modem when you have access to the new high speed mobile broadband networks as they are rolled out in the UK.


ZTE MF60 21Mbps Wireless Broadband Hotspot Router

The new ZTE MF60 WiFi Hotspot router is a 21Mbps High Speed wireless broadband WiFi Hotspot enabling up to eight users to share a single 3G mobile broadband connection.  When used in conjunction with the latest HSPA+ network from 3 mobile in the UK, the ZTE MF60 should provide a reliable, high speed wireless connection for multiple users and the long battery life means that it will be a convenient solution for many mobile broadband users that have come to rely on MiFi type wireless broadband routers.