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Panasonic NS1000 Update

The eagerly awaited Panasonic NS1000 Phone System is now available from stock from most UK Panasonic Phone System dealers.

The Panasonic NS1000 is a market leading VoIP Phone System from the leading small phone system manufacturer.  The NS1000 phone system uses the latest Voice Over IP Technology enabling easy deployment of Panasonic IP Phones including the KX-NT range (KX-NT321, KX-NT343, KX-NT346 and KX-NT366) and the new KX-UT range of Panasonic SIP Phones (KX-UT113, KX-UT123, KX-UT133 and KX-UT136).  The Panasonic NS1000 Telephone System can also be used with other SIP Phones including Aastra IP Phones, Grandstream IP Phones, Cisco IP Phones, Yealink IP Phones, Snom IP Phones, Polycom IP Phones and Linksys IP Phones making the NS1000 an ideal choice for customers with existing handsets that might want to migrate their IP Telephony to the Panasonic NS1000 Communications Server Platform.

Panasonic NS1000

The Panasonic NS1000 can utilise SIP Trunk services and can also use legacy ISDN telephone lines if require.  Put the Panasonic NS1000 is your diary.

Discontinuation of Panasonic KX-TDA15/30 Main Unit and Cards.

The purpose of this notice is to announce the Manufacture Discontinuation of the KXTDA15 and KX-TDA30 Panasonic Phone System Main Units and certain associated cards.

Manufacture Discontinuation (MD) serves as formal communication of Panasonics’ intent to MD the product(s) noted. No further orders will be accepted as of time of stock depletion and no further shipments made after the product has been discontinued. The MD of these  products should not be interpreted as the discontinuance of any Panasonics agreements to support the existing field systems.

Discontinuation of Parts

KX-TDA15E TDA15 Main Unit
KX-TDA30E TDA30 Main Unit
KX-TDA3183E LCOT2 – 2 port Analogue Trunk card
KX-TDA3180E LCOT4 – 4 port Analogue Trunk card

Ongoing Support

In accordance with service support policies, Panasonic will maintain support and spare parts for a minimum of 5 years from the point of discontinuation.


Customers requiring KX-TDA15/30 solutions, should look to substitute for KXNCP500 KXNCP1000 or Panasonic NS1000 Systems.


The new Panasonic KX-A405 DECT Repeater replaces the KX-A272 DECT Repeater.

The Panasonic A405 DECT repeater is an ideal solution for when you need to extend the range of your DECT CS (Cell Station), to cover areas where reception was previously not available.  The KX-A405 is a DECT repeater designed for use with a Panasonic Telephone System and the Integratded DECT handset solution.


The A405 DECT repeater extends the range in all directions, allowing for a wider area to be covered. A single cell station can register up to 6 KX-A405 repeaters while each DECT repeater can support 4 simultaneous transmissions channels.

The DECT repeater is:

  • Connectable to all existing Panasonic Cell Stations. Capable of providing full handover of PBX DECT portable telephones with Cell Stations & telephones (PS).
  • Capable of bridging two IP-Cell Stations (Air Synchronisation).

This is ideal when you need to bridge between:

1. Two floors of an office where there are weak spots.
2. Two buildings, to cover internal weak spots, or an outdoor area between the two locations.

Supported Panasonic Phone Systems


Supported Cell Stations

KX-NCP0158 (IP-CS)

Supported PS Handsets


The Panasonic DECT Repeater KX-A405 replaces the Panasonic KX-A272 DECT Repeater.


VoIP Store Launches Panasonic KX-NCP Options IP Phone System

VoIP Store have announced the launch of their Panasonic KX-NCP Options the easy way to buy a Panasonic IP Phone System for small businesses.  Simply select what type of telephone lines you would like to connect to the system and then choose your handsets.  The system can then be delivered for a quick and easy installation by the end user or for a small installation charge a qualified engineer can install the system and provide user training.

Panasonic KX-NCP Options IP Phone System

Initially there are two basic configurations:-

KX-NCP Option One – Analogue Lines

  • 4 x Analogue Telephone Lines
  • 4 x SIP Trunks (VoIP Telephone Lines)
  • 8 x Analogue Extensions (for normal analogue phones, fax machines, modems, conference phones and PDQ machines)
  • 8 x IP Extensions (using the KX-NT300 and KX-NT400 IP Phones for easy deployment on the LAN)
  • Built in voicemail for each user
  • Auto Attendat (Press 1 for sales etc)

KX-NCP Option Two – ISDN2 Lines

  • 2 x ISDN2 Telephone Lines (4 channels)
  • 4 x SIP Trunks (VoIP Telephone Lines)
  • 8 x Analogue Extensions (for normal analogue phones, fax machines, modems, conference phones and PDQ machines)
  • 8 x IP Extensions (using the KX-NT300 and KX-NT400 IP Phones for easy deployment on the LAN)
  • Built in voicemail for each user
  • Auto Attendat (Press 1 for sales etc)

Additional telephone line expansion cards are available to increase the systems to 8 lines, with the option to either have all analogue or isd2 lines, or to have 4 x analaogue lines and 4 channels of ISDN.  The SIP Trunk capacity can also be extended to 8 x SIP Trunks with an optional license key making the Panasonic KX-NCP a great starter phone system that can grow with your business.

Additional IP Phones can be added with a simple activation key to provide a maximum of 16 x IP Extensions and if required the system can also work with standard SIP Phones and Devices, again juswith an additional SIP Extension Activation Key.

An Integrated IP DECT base station is also available enabling the use of integrated system DECT cordless phones.

The range of system IP phones that work with the KX-NCP VoIP Telephone System provide a good choice from the entry level KX-NT321 right through to the KX-NT400 Executive IP Phone with Touch Screen Display.


KX-NT321 IP Phones

The KX-NT321 is an entry level IP phone with a single line LCD display and 8 x programmable feature / line keys.


KX-NT343 IP Phones

The KX-NT343 IP phone has a 3 line LCD display and 24 x programmable feature / line keys.


KX-NT346 IP Phone

The KX-NT346 IP Phone has a large 6 line LCD display and 24 programmable feature / line keys.


KX-NT366 IP Phone

The KX-NT366 IP Phone has a large 6 line LCD display and 12 x programmable Feature / Line keys with an self labelling keys and a next page button enabling up to 48 programmable feature / line keys.


KX-NT400 IP Phone

The KX-NT400 IP Phone features a multi-function touch screen display that can also be used to view a live video feed from a compatible Panasonic IP Camera.

Panasonic Launch KX-TCA364 Rugged DECT

Panasonic have announced the launch of the KX-TCA364 Rugged DECT Handset to replace the KX-TCA355 which will be discontinued at the end of Jne 2010.

The Panasonic KX-TCA364 tough type DECT is an ergonomically designed, easy to use, extremely durable and cost-effective enterprise wireless phone that is designed to meet and exceed the demands of harsh workplace environments.

The robust, ruggedised handset is IP64 compliant, meaning that it is dust tight and protected against splashing water.
With its ruggedised design and access to full enterprise PBX functionality, the TCA364 wireless DECT is ideal for working in potentially challenging environments such as industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and warehousing markets.

The KX-TCA364 is the latest innovation from Panasonic in it’s small business phone system range which includes the KX-TDA, KX-TDE and KX-NCP Phone System Platforms.  Panasonic are recognised as the market leader in the UK for providing phone system solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

Panasonic DECT Product replacement

Panasonic are soon to replace the 2ch (KX-TDA0141) & 4ch (KX-TDA0142) DECT cell stations.

The 2ch cell station will be replaced by the KX-TDA0155 and the 4ch cell station will be replaced by the KX-TDA0156.

KX-TDA0155 DECT Base Station for use with Panasonic Phone Systems