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4G Freeview TV Interference fears unfounded

4G Freeview interference fears unfounded

Trials of the new 4G platform have confirmed that it will not disrupt Freeview digital television signals, despite initial fears, itproportal.com reports.

Tests performed by at800, a group created by Three, Vodafone, EE and O2, discovered that activating the masts did not interfere with Freeview outputs. A trial carried out across parts of west and south London in April resulted in not one single complaint.

There had been concerns that activating the masts would have an adverse impact – or ‘TV apocalypse’ as some have termed it – due to the ‘close proximity of the 800MHZ LTE (4G) frequency to the UK’s Freeview signal’. However, a second trial in the West Midlands had the same positive outcome – which is great news for 4G operators and homeowners keen to install 4G routers.

Speaking specifically about the London test, at800 chief executive Simon Beresford-Wylie said: “London is a big and important market for 4G services and also has millions of Freeview viewers. Clearly it was essential for the broadcasters and the mobile operators that we run trials in London before a roll-out of 4G at 800MHz.

“Whilst it seems unlikely that there will be issues for the vast majority of television viewers in the capital, we will remain alert to any possible interference when roll-out commences.”

A further is taking place currently across the far hillier terrain of Brighton, according to bbc.co.uk. Though a ‘handful of issues’ have been highlighted so far, should the test ultimately prove successful, then the 4G roll-out could take place in the summer.

BT enters the 4G race in surprise U-turn

British Telecom has begun searching for a new telecoms partner, following a surprise U-turn on its mobile ambitions.

The BT group snagged £200 million worth of the 4G spectrum in the recent auction, but at the time said that they had no intention of entering the mobile communications market. Instead, it was believed that BT would use the spectrum to bolster their national Wi-Fi hotspot network, perhaps giving customers a 4G router.

However, the telecoms giant has now begun a tender for an operator to provide mobile services to BT customers. While the tender is open to all the operators it is widely expected that O2 will be the preferred bidder.

O2 was originally owned by BT but was sold off to Telefonica in 2005. O2 failed to win any of the 2.6GHz spectrum that BT bought, which is why industry insiders believe that a deal could be done.
Talking to FT.com, a BT spokesman said: “We won some excellent 4G spectrum just recently so it makes sense for us to explore the new opportunities that 4G presents.”

Sam Gibbs of Gizmodo.co.uk speculated that BT could well bundle 4G services with its broadband package which would make it a very tempting overall offer for many consumers and businesses alike.

4G is a viable alternative to fixed line on construction sites, says Kier

4G is to become an important tool on the modern construction site, says the head of construction IT at Kier.

Peter Banner says that communications are an essential tool on construction sites. With plans changing all the time, having data access insures that the developers are working to the latest drawings.

Traditionally, Banner said that the organisation would order in a fixed line and use an ad-hoc 3G system in the interim period. However, he said that the 3G network was simply not robust enough to handle the construction giant’s demands.

“[3G units] were quite limited in the amount of data we could transfer and the service we could provide over it,” Banner told telegraph.co.uk.

Now the company has moved over to 4G and Banner says that the difference is incredible.

A single 4G unit is enough for 35 people to connect their laptops and VoIP phones. The amount of bandwidth available on 4G is so great, that the company says that it could add CCTV and video conferencing capabilities as well.

Banner boasts that the units are built into flight cases containing the 4G router, switches and ‘network optimisation technology’. If there is no power available, the units can simply be plugged into a generator.

In related news, theregister.co.uk has reported that 28,000 Londoners will 40 days to fit their free filters before the city is flooded with 4G signals to test the effect on the Freeview television spectrum.

Proroute – New M2M 3G Router Storms Ahead Of Competition

Since it’s launch in September 2012, the Proroute range of M2M 3G Routers have taken the UK market by storm.  Offering an industrial grade, M2M 3G router using the latest high speed HSPA+ embedded modem technology the Proroute H685 and H700 3G Routers have won the hearts and minds of both the security and energy services marketplaces as the premium 3G router to provide 3G wireless Broadband connectivity for remote management and monitoring of equipment at remote sites using high speed 3G mobile broadband services.

The cost of using 3G compared to traditional landline broadband is now more competitive in many instances and the Proroute 3G routers provide a convenient and reliable 3G service for Machine To Machine (M2M) communications with advanced keep alive features and a specification list making it suitable for 99% of applications the Proroute M2M 3G Routers are the ideal choice for your 3G remote connectivity services for small and large projects alike.

Already used in over 36,000 installations worldwide, the Proroute M2M range of industrial grade 3G routers have been providing robust, reliable M2M connectivity for over six years and with the latest HSPA+ technology offering download speeds of up to 21Mbps and upload speeds up to 5.76Mbps these 3G routers offer a real alternative towired broadband services.

The Proroute H685 series router provides a single HSPA+ Module withan  RJ45 Ethernet port for wired LAN connectivity as well as a WAN Port to enable the router to be used as a failover 3G router.  Also inlcuded inside this robist metal casing that protects the router in the harshest of environments is built-in WiFi offering high speed N Wireless as well as 802.11b/g wireless connectivity, Keep Alive features to ensure a permanent 3G connection, firewall and port forwarding options to suit most installations as well as wide ranging temperature and voltage specifications to ensure compatibility and functionality in the majority of applications.

The Proroute H700 has all the same features as the H685 3g router but includes a second HSPA+ 3G Module making this dual SIM 3G router the ideal solution for mission critical applications where redundancy is required.  The Proroute H700 3G Router will failover to a second network in the event that the primary network becomes unavailable and becuase the router contains two 3G modules it can either do this with a cold start to switch to the second module and SIM card or can be configured for a Hot Start whereby both 3G module are actice at the same time allowing for a hot switch to the backup network if required ensuring the miniumum of disruption or downntime.  The H700 M2M Dual SIM 3G Router can also be configured to use both HSPA+ 3G connections at the same time using built-in load balancing, ideal for users that need additional bandwidth within a single dual SIM 3G Router.

The manufacturers of the Proroute 3G routers are so confident in their reliability that they offer an advance replacement warranty free of charge for all Proroute 3G routers in the UK.  This warranty covers hardware failure to ensure that customers and users of Proroute routers provide the best levels of customer service and satisfaction from a company that wants to deliver the same reliability and service as it’s products.

iPhone 5 Release Date – 12th September 2012

The Apple iPhone 5 will be with us in the next few days and we can anticipate the usual rush for Apple fans to get their hands on this latest version of the popular smartphone.  Long queues outside Apple Stores and the endless quest online searching for the best mobile phone network plan to reduce the initial cost of owning this desirable smartphone.

However, this year you will now be able to get lightning fast 4G LTE services on your iPhone 5 because Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) have also launched their 4G LTE network in the UK offering download speeds up to 25Mbps using their 1800Mhz spectrum.  This means that when you are choosing your iPhone 5 4G LTE service provider then Orange and T-Mobile are going to be the networks of choice, leaving O2 and Vodafone loyalists with ‘slow’ 3G connectivity.  Will this perfect timing of 4G LTE network upgrade and the launch of the iPhone 5 LTE create a perfect storm for the UK mobile phone operators and users with a swing towards Orange and T-Mobile as the leading UK mobile phone operator, burgeoning their already huge customer base of over 28 million customers?

Like any 3G or 4G technology, the speed available using the new 4G LTE network with your 4G LTE Phone will depend upon the distance to the tower and the number of connected users downloading content at the same time.  In the USA, many users of Verizon’s 4G LTE Network report an average download speed of only 8Mbps which many users of existing 3G HSPA+ technology in the UK already report so 4G LTE may only offer slightly higher average data speeds.

Whilst this is all good new for the iphone 5 launch and the launch of the new 4G LTE Network, lets not forget that that high speed 4G LTE service could also be used to provide internet for the home and in recent 4G LTE trials using a 4G LTE modem (4G Dongle) users found that they could get a high speed mobile broadband connection which means that the 4G LTE Network needs new 4G hardware in the form a an LTE Router to enable users to insert their 4G LTE SIM Card into the router to get high speed mobile broadband to share in their home or business or a 4G LTE Travel Router to enjoy high speed mobile broadband on the go.

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Free Professional Studio Recorded Messaging On Hold and Music On Hold

Fortune are giving away a free , professional studio recorded music on hold / messaging on hold with every purchase of their new Fortune 4000 MP3 Music On Hold Player.

Fortune 4000

Simply purchase the Fortune 4000, an 8Mb MP3 Player which is supplied with connection leads to plug it into the MOH (Music On Hold) port of your business phone system and you can play a customised advertising message to your callers when you place them on hold.  To get  your free message you simply visit the MOH website, enter the serial number of the card included with your Fortune 4000 unit and you can then select your choice of background music from over a hundred royalty free music tracks and then select the type of voice you want to record your voice and even listen to samples of the various voice and dialect types and then enter your chosen text for the recording.  This is then professionally recorded for you and e-mailed in an MP3 format for you to load onto your Fortune 4000 MP3 Music On Hold Player.

Infinity Wireless IW-021 21Mbps Dongle with WiFi Hotspot – The Next Generation USB HSPA+ 4G Modem

Get ready to upgrade your wireless broadband to the next generation of USB 4G Modems.  The Infinity Wireless IW-021 is the latest HSPA+ Modem offering mobile broadband connectivity for your laptop with lightning fast download speeds up to 21Mbps.  The IW021 uses the latest HSPA+ network technology to provide a 21Mbps Modem that simply plugs into the USB port of your laptop or PC and uses a contract or PAYG mobile broadband SIM card and there is zero configuration required becuase the IW-021 21MBps Dongle updates it’s database of network APN settings from a central database on a daily basis.

Infinity Wireless IW-021 4G Modem / HSPA+ 21Mbps Dongle

However, not content with just providing a super fast 21Mbps Modem, Infinity Wireless (formerly LM Technologies) decided that their users should be able to share their high speed 4G Modem connection so introduced their Mi-Finity software that turns the IW-021 4G Modem into a high speed WiFi Hotspot so now you can share your wireless broadband connection with up to six devices.  So now you are getting a high speed 21Mbps Modem and a 4G wireless hotspot modem for the same price that you would typically pay for an old 3G USB Modem.

The Infinity Wireless IW-021 will take  mobile broadband to the next level offering fast mobile broadband download speeds and the ability to share your connection and we think that at just £49.00 + VAT it is an easy choice to upgrade your old 3G modem and start taking advantage of the next generation mobile broadband.

The Infinity Wireless IW-021 4G Modem will be available mid July 2012  from the 3G Router Store.

iTwin Easy and Secure USB VPN Solution

Like a Limitless Capacity Secure USB Drive.

The iTwin is a revolutionary USB device that allows users to access files remotely. iTwin allows you to securely access your entire hard drive. It’s as if you are carrying an access-key to all your files in a device that fits in the palm of your hand. And unlike portable storage, iTwin lets your data stay put safely at home. iTwin is plug and play. Plug one half into an online computer and the other half into any other online computer and you are connected! View, copy, edit, and upload files to your computer. Data in transit is protected by robust AES 256 encryption. If you lose one half of iTwin, you can remotely disable that half. Your data resides on your computer not on someone else’s cloud server. iTwin works with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7 ( both 32-bit and 64-bit versions), and Mac OS X 10.6 and above. It uses the familiar Windows Explorer, with drag’n’drop functionality. There’s nothing to learn and nothing to configure.

  • Plug and play remote file access device that securely allows you to transfer files between computers
  • Share the contents of your entire hard drive and access them remotely via a military grade secure connection
  • Remotely edit your files and folders. Stream all your music, videos and photos between the two computers
  • Remotely disable your iTwin if either half is lost
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista and 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 and above
  • Dimensions: 0.82″W x 0.314″D x 3.54″L
  • 2 year limited warranty




Simple and Safe Remote Access

iTwin is the world’s first “limitless” secure USB device for remote file access and sharing. iTwin combines the security of military-grade AES-256 bit encryption with the simplicity of a plug ‘n’ play flash drive. Instantly access any or all of your files between any two online computers around the world.

Just plug one half into one computer and the other half into another – and you’ve created a private tunnel to share your files, folders, videos, and more!

How it Works

Step 1

Plug iTwin into a USB port and drag and drop your files and folders

Step 2

Detach one half


Step 3

Plug that half into another computer and remotely access your files via the internet – securely



“Limitless” Capacity

Don’t know what files you might need access to later? No problem. iTwin allows you to share all the folders on your computer’s hard drive and securely access them later. It’s as if you are carrying an access-key to all your files in a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Unlike portable storage, iTwin does not store any anything on itself. It lets your data stay safely at home (or in the office).


Remote Editing

Remotely edit any shared file from any location. Those reports you were working on at the office can be finished on the road. Just take one half with you and instantly access and edit the files from your laptop. Or work directly on one shared version of a report with a colleague. Say goodbye to multiple versions of files flying around by email. Say goodbye to the headaches of needless re-work. Say hello to iTwin.


Data Backup

Backing up your data is effortless. When you’re on the road, you can use iTwin to move copies of files from your laptop to your home or office computer. If you are travelling and taking lots of pictures, you can free up your SD card by moving files onto your laptop or internet cafe computer and transferring them back home. iTwin will give you peace of mind and keep your important data safe and secure.


Simple and Secure Sharing

Plug one half into your online computer. Give the other half to your colleague, friend or client. Your two computers will be connected and you can securely and safely share files with each other, in either direction.

Share the latest version of a report or proposal, confident that your data is safe from man-in-the-middle attacks. Send your child’s recital tape to your parents across the country – our device is grandparent-friendly! iTwin makes hardware-enabled, peer-to-peer security so simple.



Share your Media

Drag ‘n’ drop all of your music, videos, and pictures into the iTwin window and they are shared.

Give one half to your family while living abroad and share endless videos and pictures – using a file-sharing service or attaching them to multiple emails would be time-consuming for you and a hassle for them. Or carry one half with you and plug it in at friend’s house or at a cafe. You will have instant access to all your shared media.


Network your Home Computers

You’re lying in bed with your laptop, and want access to the files on the family desktop downstairs. As you may have found out, networking computers together can be frustrating and time-consuming. Plug one half of iTwin into the computer downstairs, the other into your laptop, and they will be instantly connected. What’s even better – being on the same local network, speed of transfer will be very fast. iTwin makes networking a breeze.


One-time Cost. No Fees – Ever!

Don’t pay for cloud storage. Don’t pay for subscription fees for file access. Don’t get locked in. You have all the storage you need on your own computer and home hard drive. With iTwin, share it and access it from anywhere. Create your own personal cloud. All you pay for is the device itself. (Bonus: free software updates!)


Cross Platform

iTwin is both Windows and Mac OS X compatible. iTwin works on Microsoft® Windows® XP (Service Pack 2 and above), Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 (32-bit and 64-bit). iTwin also works on Apple® Mac OSX® 10.6 and above, i.e. Snow Leopard and Lion (32-bit and 64-bit).


TwinTrust™ Data Security

iTwin doesn’t store any data on itself. It just enables a secure connection between two computers. It is a secure USB device providing Two-Factor Authentication – Your remote data can only be accessed if you have the physical iTwin with you. Additionally, you can set up an optional password.


Remote Disable

iTwin includes a feature that allows you to remotely disable the connection should you lose either half. So you can rest assured that your data is safe, even if the device is lost or stolen. If you have ever lost a portable memory device, you know that terrible feeling. We want to make sure this never happens to you again.



Software Specs

Software Requirements

  • Supports Win XP, Vista and 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 and above
  • Requires min. 512 MB, 1 GB RAM recommended
  • Requires 15 MB hard-disk space
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Requires broad-band Internet access, 1Mbps upload speed recommended



  • iTwin software self-installs on first plug-in
  • Requires admin access for installation
  • Uninstallation uses simple standard uninstall mechanisms


Multi-Language Support

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German (coming soon)


Software Updates

  • New features, fixes and enhancements are rolled out regularly
  • All automatic updates to the file-access product are free
  • When a new software update is available, iTwin software will automatically inform you – it’ll be just a click away


No Storage Limitations

  • iTwin works like a USB storage device. However, iTwin does not store any of your data on itself. iTwin is a data access device between two computers
  • The only limit is the size of your computer’s hard drive
  • Any network files/folders that you can access from your computer can be shared using iTwin


No “Temp Files”

  • Unplug iTwin and all temp files are purged automatically


Bi-Directional File Access

  • When using iTwin, the connection between the two computers is symmetrical
  • Access, copy, backup and remotely edit files on computer A from computer B, and on B from A



Security Specs

State-of-the-Art Crypto

  • iTwin uses industry best practices and thoroughly analyzed crypto protocols and algorithms
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bit encryption is used to protect all data communications
  • AES encryption standard has not been broken so far and many consider it to be military grade
  • All data amenable to compression is first compressed before encryption


Remote Disable

  • When your iTwin is paired and plugged in for the first time, the owner is sent a Remote Disable Code (through email) which can be used to break the connection between the two halves
  • Using this disable code, if an iTwin is missing or stolen, it can be disabled remotely


Smart Key Generation

  • Two iTwin halves together generate a random 256-bit AES key, every time they are physically paired and plugged into a computer
  • Smart Key generation is assisted by the computer to add randomness
  • Smart Crypto Key resides only on the two halves of the iTwin
  • Smart Crypto Key is used for encrypting all data traffic between two iTwins
  • Patent-pending technology


Password Support

  • Passwords of any length can be set
  • Unlike other web services, iTwin’s password is stored on itself, not on any server
  • If you forget your password, simply pair both halves of your iTwin, plug them into a computer and set a new password. No need for tech support!


TwinTrust Authentication

  • Before allowing any data transfer, every iTwin is authenticated by iTwin’s TwinTrust servers
  • All communication between iTwin and TwinTrust is secured using industry strength HTTPS (RSA 1024 bit, 128 bit RC4) protocol
  • After successful authentication by TwinTrust, TwinTrust assists iTwin to discover its other half


Two-Factor Authentication

  • After authenticating with TwinTrust, two halves of iTwin mutually authenticate each other using their pre-shared AES 256 bit crypto key
  • If password is set, then password verification is performed on both iTwins before data transfer is initiated between the two halves


Just Connects

  • As long as iTwin is plugged into two internet connected computers, iTwin allows computer to computer file transfer anywhere on Earth
  • iTwin detects almost all types of proxies, firewalls and NATs – and self-configures
  • In case one or both iTwin halves are not directly accessible (behind firewalls), iTwin encrypted data traffic is relayed through globally distributed servers (amazon EC2 based)


Powered by AWS Web Services

  • iTwin uses Amazon Web Services infrastructure with 99.5% availability to ensure fast, safe and secure data relays




  • All data is encrypted before it leaves your computer. Your data remains encrypted until it reaches the computer where the second half of iTwin is attached
  • Your data is never stored on any iTwin server. Your data is stored only on your computer


Seamless Handling of Network Interruptions

  • In case of internet disruption, iTwin file transfers pause
  • When the internet connection is resumed, iTwin software continues file transfer from where it left off
  • iTwin’s progress bar indicates the amount left to be transferred


Transfer Limits

  • Unlike many cloud based storage services, iTwin allows you to transfer as much data as you want. The only constraint is the limit of your ISP’s bandwidth allowances
  • With iTwin, you don’t need to worry about monthly allowances or bandwidth limits when you transfer large files online



Hardware Specifications

Size and Weight

  • Length: 3.54 inches (90 mm)
  • Width: 0.82 inch (21 mm)
  • Depth: 0.314 inch (8.0 mm)
  • Weight: 0.11 pound (50 g)


Operating Requirements

  • Operating temperatures: 32˚ to 158˚ F (0˚ to 70˚ C)
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
  • Maximum operating altitude: 10,000 feet (3000 m)


Smart Connector

  • Completely symmetrical, first of its kind in the market
  • During physical pairing, connector is used to securely transfer crypto key between iTwin’s two halves
  • Patent-pending technology


LED Indicator

  • Constant Blue Light: iTwin is fully functional
  • Blinking Blue Light: On-going data transfer


Demand For Unified Communications Increases

There is growing evidence to show greater traction in the market for UC solutions, according to Chris Barrow, Advanced Technologies Marketing Manager, Avaya, who says more users are buying into the technology.

There are a number of market drivers for UC at work, notes Barrow. Firstly, the economy is still in a fragile state and businesses are focusing on driving efficiency within the organisation, meaning they are only willing to invest in tools that maximise workforce productivity. Secondly, the fact that employees have access to more types of communication, applications and devices, is also part of the reason why demand for UC is growing. “We’re hearing from our partners that customers often feel overwhelmed with all the new platforms employees are using, such as social media and IM,” stated Barrow. “While social media can act as a useful business tool, it needs to be harnessed in the right way.”

Also coming into play is an increase in the usage of multiple personal devices at work. “Employees want to be able to use the devices they love but in a professional capacity,” added Barrow. “They also want to have access to everything on one platform and for all communications tools to link together seamlessly. This is where UC really comes into play. Obviously, the communications landscape is constantly changing, but I would say that these trends are encouraging our partners to take on more of a consulting role. We are all familiar with multiple devices and social media platforms but it is the partners’ job is to guarantee UC brings them together in a corporate capacity, ensuring all communications are professionally managed and secure.”

Something that is ‘top of mind’ for Avaya and its users is choice, observed Barrow. Modern enterprise workers are used to devices such as laptops and tablets and do not want to be shackled to single use communications devices such as the telephone for phone calls and a video conference suite for video calls. “Customers want a device that is not only multi-purpose but one that works for them,” added Barrow. “This is the reason why Avaya allows enterprises to communications enable multiple devices such as smart phones, tablets, PCs, Macs and more. We do this with a combination of the Avaya Aura architecture that delivers communications as a cloud-like service and the Avaya one-X and Flare user experience that ties these features together. It is therefore important that we go to market with partners who understand this consumer-centric world and can help us build a value proposition of ‘always on’, ‘always available’ communications that allow people to work together wherever and however they choose.”

Avaya’s experience is that businesses are still being cautious about spending money, so the first thing it had to do was help its channels change their messages to a RoI-based sale. “Nobody buys technology for the sake of it any more,” commented Barrow. “It is true that a full-on implementation of UC can cost a considerable amount of money, but a well-engineered solution will pay for itself. That is why we have seen growth in any area that reduces costs and has a fast return on investment. Video, web and audio conferencing have seen a lot of interest as they allow companies to collaborate while reducing the need for travel. For the future, any tool that allows a company to be more nimble and flexible and to outpace their competitors will also be attractive. Solutions such as VENA (the Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture) that allow businesses to add applications and reconfigure their communications network in a simple and error free way will see good attention in the coming 12-18 months.”

Videoconferencing is definitely one of the solutions that is driving growth in the UC market. It has taken some time but companies have become more inclined to use this technology as a business tool, whether it’s for engaging in face-to-face with colleagues or customers. “We’ve seen a lot of market activity over the past year, and part of what is fuelling this trend is customer expectations,” noted Barrow. “Consumer videoconferencing solutions are being used at home more regularly now than ever before and people expect the same level of access at work. The important part is to ensure that videoconferencing comes as an integrated part of the UC mix. It’s about ease of use, streamlined communications and collaboration. People want to be able to flip between methods of communication, depending on the situation they’re in at that moment but this process has to be easy and quick, so they can initiate a video call there and then.”

Barrow also notes that with the rise of social media and multiple platforms for communication, businesses need extra support in understanding how everything fits together. “This is a great opportunity for our partners to embrace more of a consultative role which takes advantage of their solution knowledge and technical expertise,” said Barrow. “This will enable them to communicate the benefits of new applications and then up-sell as needed to ensure the customers have the best option. With so many tools and options available now it is important that the customer is well advised. This type of consultative role will become a more integrated part of the reseller’s daily activity, and we encourage them to embrace this. As communications evolve, this type of personal touch will serve as a real competitive advantage and will support them in generating more revenue and satisfying more customers overall.”

To find our more about using an Avaya Phone System in your business and how Unified Communications can help you then visit Avaya.com