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bintec RS120wu

Funkwerk bintec RS120wu 3G Router

The bintec RS120wu UMTS router from Funkwerk is a multi-functional embedded 3G Router.  The bintec RS120wu features 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports, high speed wireless, VPN and firewall.  The Funkwerk RS120wu is an ideal choice for a variety of applications that require a reliable high speed mobile broadband connection.

bintec RS120wu

Funkwerk bintec RS120wu Features

  • Integrated UMTS 3G modem
  • WiFi Client mode for WLAN WAN
  • HSxPA – 3G+ modem
  • 5 x Gigabit Ethernet
  • WiFi 802.11n abg (2.4/5 Ghz)
  • USB port for addtional 3G UMTS stick
  • SFP port (for Fibre SFP)
  •  Inclusive 5 IPSec tunnels with hardware acceleration
  • Funkwerk Configuration Interface with integrated assistants
  • Stateful Inspection Firewall
  • IGMP, GRE, L2TP, PPTP, QOS, Load Balancing, Bonding
  • SIP Application Level Gateway


Raven XE Antenna

The 3G Router Store has increased it’s range of UMTS and 3G Antennas to provide a greater choice for customers purchasing 3G routers such as the Raven XE.

The new antennas include the Smartdisc, Miniwing, S-Blade and TBR2100.  The new 3G antenna products all support GSM UMTS and 3G network frequencies and are available at very competitive prices.

Vololink VA126 3G Router

Vololink VA126

Vololink VA126 Mobile Wireless-N Router 42Mbps 3G UMTS HSDPA LTE

The VA126 Vololink business is the fastest 3G LTE router currently available.There is a maximum download speed of 42Mbps met, the Volonlink VA126 is prepared for the future launch of LTE networks.

The VA126 Vololink 3G LTE Router is the successor to the 3G UMTS Router Vololink VA125, the only difference being that the VA126 suited for LTE networks and a maximum download speed of 42Mbps.This is much higher than the fastest ADSL2 + connection and therefore very interesting to work in places where no fiber or cable is available.

The VA126 Vololink has two external antennas for 3G UMTS and LTE reception, this other type of external antenna can be connected.The antennas for 802.11n Wi-Fi are built and there is no possibility for an external WiFi antenna to connect.


  • Up to 42Mbit download speed
  • Suited for LTE networks
  • Wireless-N 300Mbps
  • 4 x 10/100 LAN Ports
  • 2 x external 3G antenna
  • 1 x USB port for external hard drive
  • Unlocked



Vololink is a leading developer of hardware and software applications that use 3G wireless technology. They provide innovative products and solutions aimed to meet real commercial and consumer needs.

Why 3G?

WCDMA or UTMS has quickly become the dominant and preferred technology for global third-generation mobile systems (3G) around the world, providing advanced communication and Broadband services to both mobile and fixed users alike.

These services are commercially available in most major cities and urban centres around the world. And now, with the Broadband capabilities of high-speed packet access (HSPA), 3G is set to bring cost-effective internet access cities and rural areas in developed and developing countries alike.

Vololink believe that the ever expanding availability of 3G services represents the best way to deliver Broadband, and build products and solutions that help everyone connect.

The Vololink range of 3G ncludes the VA126, VA15 and VA122V.

3G Router

3G Router

A new 3G Router website, blog and form is now available at www.3grouter.com.  Getthe latest 3G Router news, information and reviews from the leading 3G router source on the web.

Visit www.3grouter.com for more information.

New 3G Router Store

Westlake Communications Ltd, a leading online retailer of Telecoms, GSM Gateways and 3G Routers has announced a new online store for 3G Routers and 3G Router Antennas and accessories.  Having recently aquired the domain name www.3grouter.com, Westlake Communications intends to increase its range of mobile broadband 3G Routers to provide value and choice for UK and worldwide customers.  The company currently offers a selction of popular 3G Routers such as the Teltonika RUT104 and RUT105, Billion 7800GZ, Option Globesurfer, Zalip and Sierra Wireless Routers through its existing online stores but intends to bring them all together wih a range of new 3G Routers, 3G Antennas, Mobile Broadband SIM Cards, Fixed IP SIM cards and relate products and services to provide a one stop shop.

The rise in popularity of mobile broadband applications has seen an increase in the demand for 3G Router products for applications such as Remote Monitoring and management, including IP CCT, as well as using 3G Routers for backup and disaster recovery for ADSL, SDSL and leased line internet services.

Sierra Wireless Airlink GX400 Rugged Multi Purpose Embedded 3G Router

Sierra Wireless AirLink GX400 3G router

*** Coming soon – Q2 2011 ***

* Quad band 3G router with GPS
* IP64, E-mark & Mil-Spec 810-F
* Class 1 Div 2 certified
* -30°C to +70°C opperating temperature
* Low power mode, wake up timer

The AirLink GX400 multi-purpose 3G router is ideal for a myriad of machine-to-machine applications. A small, rugged form factor and multiple interfaces give the GX400 the versatility for location-aware applications in mobile and fixed environments at an affordable price.

The GX400 achieves high performance and reliability, and offers GPS, 3G mobile broadband connectivity, and ALEOS intelligence. An expansion slot enables the easy addition of I/O and communications ports, providing unparalleled flexibility and versatility. The existence of the expansion slot on the GX400 enables feature additions without comprehensive design changes and/or further certification. Coupled with the AirLink Management Services, the GX400 is an ideal solution for a wide range of M2M applications.

The GX400 is designed for use in mobile environments (AVL/tracking, field service, public safety) or fixed/portable settings (industrial, utilities, security, enterprise, point-of-sale). A “one device fits all” solution allows customers to deploy and manage the same device for multiple applications, simplifying deployment and management.

3G Router Store adds Sierra Wireless 3G Routers

Telecoms News – 3G Router Store, a UK based online store for 3G Routers and Antennas had agreed to supply the Sierra Wireless 3G routers to their customers.  The Sierra Wireless range of HSPA routers that will be stockd include the Raven XE, Pinpoint X and Helix RT.


The Raven XE which provides high-speed connectivity in a compact and sleek form factor for critical enterprise applications. Designed to handle rugged and robust applications, the Raven XE is ideal for fixed and portable broadband connectivity.

Powered by ALEOS™ embedded intelligence and the AirLink device management tools, the Raven XE reduces field time and enables secure data for mission critical applications.

The Sierra Wireless AirLink™ PinPoint X is a compact, intelligent and fully-featured mobile communications platform with multiple peripheral connections including serial, Ethernet and USB.

Expanded I/O functionality in a separate connector includes four digital inputs, four analog inputs and two relay outputs unleashing extensive remote instrumentation possibilities.

Its high-precision GPS receiver coupled with the rich embedded intelligence provided by ALEOSTM technology make PinPoint X the perfect choice for a broad set of mobile enterprise, public safety, fleet management and AVL solutions.


The Sierra Wireless AirLink™ Helix RT wireless 3G router provides a secure, broadband connection for data and computing devices in field or remote locations.

A highly intelligent platform with comprehensive remote management, the Helix RT simplifies commercial data solutions.

Helix RT combines the reliability of ALEOS, the embedded intelligent technology, with the robust remote configuration tools of the ACEware™, a proven management software suite. Helix RT is the first ALEOS powered product that is built on a full routing platform, providing comprehensive routing capabilities along with ease of setup/provisioning, session persistence, and comprehensive remote device maintenance through ACEware.

Helix RT is an ideal device for convenient and reliable Internet access for a variety of fixed, portable and mobile applications including business continuity, retail/POS, mobile connectivity for field service, disaster recovery and wire line replacement.

RUT104 Industrial Grade 3G Router – Teltonika RUT104 UMTS Router

The 3G Router store is pleased to announce thatthe popular Teltonika RUT104 3G router is back in stock with a new low price of only £150.00.  The Teltonika RUT104 is an industrial grade UMTS router with a 7.2 Mbps download speed and 2Mbps upload speed.  The RUT104 is an embedded 3G router so there are no USB dongle compatibility issues and the Teltonika RUT-104 has a built in Ping Reboot featureso that if the 3G network disconnects the router then the router will re-establish the link providing a reliable high quality remote access solution for IP CCTV and M2M machine to machine applications as well as offering a great value HSPA router solution for business and home users that want a reliable, embedded 3G router with the ability to add an external high gain 3G antenna if required to improve 3G reception.

Teltonika RUT-105 HSUPA 3G Router replaces RUT-104

Teltonika have announced that the teltonika RUT-105 3G Router replaces the popular RUT-104 3G Router.  The new Teltonika RUT105 features a new 3G Module giving increased performance, whilst retaining all the features and simple operating interface of the RUT104.