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Using GSM Gateways on Vodafone

We were recently asked about the Vodafone policy about using Vodafone SIM cards with GSM gateways.  In the Vodafone contract and on their website they state :-

“GSM Gateway Commercial Policy


A GSM Gateway is any equipment containing a SIM card which enables the routing of calls from fixed apparatus to mobile equipment by establishing a mobile to mobile call.

In view of the uncertainty over the legality of certain types of GSM Gateways, Vodafone’s policy is not to accept applications for the operation of GSM Gateways on its network. Customers should be aware that where a GSM Gateway is connected to the Vodafone network in breach of this policy, Vodafone has and will continue to disconnect SIM cards that it believes are being used illegally.”

The above can be found at http://online.vodafone.co.uk/dispatch/Portal/appmanager/vodafone/wrp?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=template12&pageID=TC_0032

This would suggest that Vodafone, apart from not being able to interpret some pretty basic legal ruling from Ofcom, will not under any circumstances accept or tolerate a Vodafone SIM card to be used in a device that will allow a fixed telephone device, such as a telephone to be used on their network.

If this is truly the case then why do they continue to offer the Vodafone B970 3G Router that contains a telephone port that you can connect a telephone and make voice calls – this is in fact acting as a GSM Gateway so any Vodafone SIM card used in this unit that has been used for a voice call should be terminated. 

Why are they also offering GSM Fax numbers becuase how else will a SIM card be able to receive faxes without the use of a GSM Fax Terminal that you can connect a fax machine to.  The same sort of single SIM GSM Gateway terminal used by thousands of companies with temporary or remote sites that rely on mobile phone communications.

I hope that Vodafone is able to provide some clarity as to their business policy as it does not make sense to us and many of their customers.