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LTE Router

The 3G Router Store now stocks a range of LTE Router products offering high speed mobile broadband on networks supporting LTE services such as HSPA+.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the name given to the networks and hardware for th next generation of high speed mobile broadband internet access services.  HSPA+ networks are starting to be rolled out in the UK with HSPA+ networks available in Wales offering download speeds up to 14Mbps when used with a compatible HSPA+ Router.

HSPA+, LTE and 4G all mean pretty much the same thing so you can search for any of these terms on Google when researching your choice of 4G Router, LTE Router or HSPA+ Router and you will find that the products you find will be the same such as the Globesurfer III+, Zalip CDG561WE and the Vololink VA125 and VA126 LTE, 4G, HSPA + Routers.


Vololink 3G Routers now available from the 3G Router Store

The Vololink range of 3G Routers, 4G Routers and LTE Routers are now available in the UK from the 3G Router Store from Westlake Communications.


The available range initially includes the Vololink VA126, Vololink VA125 and the Vololink VA122 Embedded HSPA 3G Routers which will work with all 3G mobile broadband SIM cards from the leading networks including Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, Everything Everywhere, O2, 3 Mobile ( three ) and are also suitable for use with fixed IP SIM cards available from specialist network providers.

The Vololink 3G routers are ideal for a variety of applications including 3G Wireless Broadband Backup of ADSL Bradband services, remote, temporary or mobile offices, disaster recovery and M2M (Machine to Machine) applications including IP CCTV, Digital Signage and remote monitoring and management.  3G Routers are also being used as a back up for VoIP applications such as SIP Trunking and Hosted Telephony.

Vololink VA126 3G Router

Vololink VA126

Vololink VA126 Mobile Wireless-N Router 42Mbps 3G UMTS HSDPA LTE

The VA126 Vololink business is the fastest 3G LTE router currently available.There is a maximum download speed of 42Mbps met, the Volonlink VA126 is prepared for the future launch of LTE networks.

The VA126 Vololink 3G LTE Router is the successor to the 3G UMTS Router Vololink VA125, the only difference being that the VA126 suited for LTE networks and a maximum download speed of 42Mbps.This is much higher than the fastest ADSL2 + connection and therefore very interesting to work in places where no fiber or cable is available.

The VA126 Vololink has two external antennas for 3G UMTS and LTE reception, this other type of external antenna can be connected.The antennas for 802.11n Wi-Fi are built and there is no possibility for an external WiFi antenna to connect.


  • Up to 42Mbit download speed
  • Suited for LTE networks
  • Wireless-N 300Mbps
  • 4 x 10/100 LAN Ports
  • 2 x external 3G antenna
  • 1 x USB port for external hard drive
  • Unlocked



Vololink is a leading developer of hardware and software applications that use 3G wireless technology. They provide innovative products and solutions aimed to meet real commercial and consumer needs.

Why 3G?

WCDMA or UTMS has quickly become the dominant and preferred technology for global third-generation mobile systems (3G) around the world, providing advanced communication and Broadband services to both mobile and fixed users alike.

These services are commercially available in most major cities and urban centres around the world. And now, with the Broadband capabilities of high-speed packet access (HSPA), 3G is set to bring cost-effective internet access cities and rural areas in developed and developing countries alike.

Vololink believe that the ever expanding availability of 3G services represents the best way to deliver Broadband, and build products and solutions that help everyone connect.

The Vololink range of 3G ncludes the VA126, VA15 and VA122V.