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Agent 1100 Business Telephone – Product Review

The Agent 1100 business telephone is a great looking, functional and feature rich business telephone for small business users that simply need standard analogue telephones, either to connect directly into their analogue telephone lines or for connection to the analogue extension of their business phone system.

The Agent 1100 features a large LCD Display which clearly shows the call information and the phone includes Caller ID so you can see who’s calling as long as your telephone line or phone system supports caller ID.  There are four programmable memory buttons for those important numbers and an easily accessible phone directory of up to 70 telephone numbers via the phone menu system.

The Agent 1100 Caller ID Phone also features an RJ11 headset port for the connection of a corded headset and has handsfree dialing.  The phone does not have hands free speech but to be honest somebody that wants to sit at their desk shouting at their phone is important enough to invest in a proper audio conferencing phone such as the Panasonic KX-NT700.

The Agent 1100 is the ideal phone for small business users and many users of small business phone systems such as the Orchid Telecom range of analogue business phone systems.

Orchid Sales Bloom

Orchd Telecom sales have grown month on month since the launch of their new ranges of small business phone systems.  The company provides a range of analogue phone systems and analogue key systems in the UK to rival other small business phone system manufacturers such as Panasonic.

The range starts with the Orchid 206 Plus PABX which is a 2 line and 6 extension phone system.  The next system in the range is the Orchid 308 Plus PABX which provides connectivity for 3 analogue lines and 8 extension telephones.  The final system in the Orchid analogue phone system range is the Orchid 416 Plus telephone system with capacity for 4 telephone lines and 16 analogue telephone extensions.

Orchid have also launed their key system range which again provide connectivity to standard PSTN analogue telephone lines and standard analogue telephones, but can also support Key Phones which have the advantage of having traditional features keys such as hold and transfer an programmable line keys so the user can see at a glance which lines are in use, making the Orchid KS308 and KX416 Key Phone Systems easy to use and a low cost alternative to the Panasonic KX-TEA308 and Panasonic KX-TES824 phone systems.

The Orchid Phone Systems can be purchased online for easy self installation by the end user and with prices from just £85.00 they represent great value for money.

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